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Cliques and veteran affiliate marketers...

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by Affilinator, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. Affilinator

    Affilinator New Member

    Being new to affiliate marketing, I am learning everyday. Some things I am learning are somewhat disheartening.

    I was recently the subject of an article written by a veteran online magazine author who proceeded to publish my name and the company I work for in one of his articles. After a lengthy response to his article, and defending myself for hours, he gladly agreed to remove my information from the article, but not before hundreds of people had read the post.

    I guess I just wanted to say that I have already run into a few aggressive not-so-friendly people related to affiliate marketing, and what it did was allowed me to appreciate the environment I've found on 5 Star Affiliate Programs. Just wanted to say thanks to Linda and Larry for really holding newbies' hands and providing a truly supportive atmosphere where posting like the above mentioned hasn't happened as far as I am concerned.

    Thanks again,
  2. newbidder
  3. Larwee

    Larwee <b><font size=2>In Memoriam - Loyal Administrator< affiliate

    Thanks for the kind words.

    We try to keep this community as friendly as possible.

    We have a mixture that goes from newbies all the way through very seasoned veterans.

    We welcome newbies and try to help them as much as possible. All of us were new at one time and that is something that should never be forgotten.

    We are not going to allow aggressive and rude people run wild here. Things will be kept under control.

    I am glad you like it here.
  4. Affilinator

    Affilinator New Member

    Something else to say about newbies as well, and that is: wouldn't you suppose newbies' bring something to the table? New questions, new insights, and opinions on what could be done differently to increase effectiveness and the overall success of affiliate programs? I would think that vets would appreciate new affiliate marketers that much more for what they can potentially add to programs.
  5. longroad

    longroad Affiliate affiliate

    I love this forum and the fact its removed from the "guru" mentality which is so prevelant on many other forums.

    Hooray for 5 star!
  6. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet <span style="color: #daa520;font-weight: bold;">Me

    Wow Affilinator and longroad, thanks for all the compliments.
    Larry and I really try hard to keep this forum friendly and flame-free.

    Affilinator, sorry you had to go through all that. Does not sound like fun!

    And yes I'm sure some of the pros like newbie posts as it also
    reminds them of where they've been, helps them appreciate how far they've come and helps them remember things like the rush of that 1st sale.
  7. Oregon Coast Guy

    Oregon Coast Guy Affiliate affiliate

    Some people out there just get far too aggressive. I don't understand the mentality.

    I figure if you have a solid product you can stand behind 100%, there's no reason to get cut-throat. Work hard, have integrity, rinse, repeat. ;)
  8. jazzguy

    jazzguy 5 Star MVP Award Winner - September affiliate

    I have only been a member here for a couple of days but I have been pleasantly impressed with the level of help and insight many of the members have shown in their posts. I have lurked on a number of the "hardcore" Affiliate forums and have found the elitism to be a definite turn-off, no matter how successful the posters have been.

    It sounds like you had a rough time Affilinator and I hope the issue has been successfully resolved in your favor. I remember when I first started my web-design business how much I DIDN'T want to get involved with forums and web-based "communities". I realized early on that if I was going to succeed at this "job" then I was going to do it on my own, by my rules and with only myself to blame if nothing worked out. Fortunately, everything turned out wonderful and I am a happy camper. I made a few big mistakes along the way and I am glad that I did.

    The one thing, and I'm sure you know this, is not to feel disheartened when things go bad, or when the pace of getting everything together seems to go slower than anticipated. The key is to keep on moving forward! No matter how small a movement you make, it is one step closer to the realization of a vision or a goal. And the only "clique" you should be concerned about is the one that you create for your own ends and needs. Much success to you...:)

    Jazzguy (Lyle)
  9. YourMlmTools.biz

    YourMlmTools.biz Affiliate affiliate

    Desperation and lack of knowledge I believe. Explains spammers and beggers both

  10. Rob_TID

    Rob_TID Affiliate affiliate

    Oregon Coast Guy's advice is sound.

    But I would like to offer an alternative.


    No forum posts, no blogs, no personal sites where you reveal anything about affiliate marketing that can be traced to you.

    When I was an affiliate manager, I saw cheques go out to affiliates REGULARLY that would make these "gurus" blush. For every guru internet whore, there are 5 anonymous marketers making just as much and not chasing the limelight.

    And you've never heard of them.

    Becoming known in this industry is definitely NOT necessary to success.

    Being unknown protects them from malicious people like you describe.
  11. Chris83

    Chris83 New Member

    Lack of participation will work for folks who know their business and don't need help, but for new folks who need to ask questions to learn, get suggestions and feedback, well their needs can't be met through Isolation.

    Also for Affiliate Managers, well we don't meet new folks and help them succeed by hiding away in the dark :D


  12. longroad

    longroad Affiliate affiliate

    I'm not one to ever talk about what I earn. I also don't have an interest in attending seminars or being considered a "guru".
    Low key is the best way.. and I think there are actually probably 20 or more highly successful affiliate marketers for every "guru" that you see.
  13. sahmkate

    sahmkate New Member

    This board has helped me more than any other. Very friendly here, so thank you, too.
  14. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet <span style="color: #daa520;font-weight: bold;">Me

    Ahhhh, thanks SO much. We are so happy to know that what we do is helpful!
  15. JAmieF

    JAmieF Affiliate affiliate

    5 star is a friendly place and with relaxed atmosphere. The best part about the forum is every one's opinions and concerns are voiced without any flaming from other members.

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