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As an established industry leader in performance based marketing, Clickbooth promises...

  1. Clickbooth

    Clickbooth Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    As an established industry leader in performance based marketing, Clickbooth promises affiliate partners access to exclusive top performing campaigns at the industry's top payouts with consistent, guaranteed payments. Clickbooth's team of affiliate strategists are experts in all traffic types and provide strategic support to create a comprehensive solution to maximize your ROI and scale your business. Clickbooth managers don't "push offers," instead they'll use our objective system to connect you with the best campaigns for your business while keeping you informed about industry trends and tips.

    10+ years of Industry Stability
    Guaranteed & Expedited Payments
    Highest Payouts in the Industry
    Access to Exclusive Top Performing Campaigns
    Real Time Reporting and Accurate Tracking
    Superior Support from a Specialized Affiliate Strategist

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  2. terraleads
  3. giagiafi

    giagiafi Affiliate affiliate

    I know from my affiliate group, this is a good network. I am planning to submit my application in no time.
  4. vukasini

    vukasini King of the Wisdomland affiliate

    This is a great network, they are doing great job! Not my favorite since I haven't had any success with it but I heard many awesome stories about ClickBooth and I think it is possble to earn money with it. If I wasn't capable, that doesn't mean it is impossible.
  5. Andy Haskins

    Andy Haskins Affiliate affiliate

    Again, I've dealt with Clickbooth a few times in the past and they're a great bunch on people, friendly, helpful, highly recommended.
  6. alexcopeland

    alexcopeland Affiliate affiliate

    Another well respected network. I have an account but yet to run anything through them but hear good things.
  7. waseemfaizi

    waseemfaizi Affiliate affiliate

    Hello Lyndsie! I am waseem faizi from India, I have 6 year exp in affiliate marketing, we have several account in others affiliate networks like, peerfly.com, markethealth.com, moreniche.com etc, I run 500+ Blogs in google, we also promote Clickbooth product like, Prodermagenix Hollywood Secret, BeauteMD Skin Care, BlackBull - Male Enhancement, Ultimate Flush Colon etc. I want to join your network "Clickbooth Network" Last Few Days ago I apply to join clickbooth but unfortunately My application was reject so I need Your Help,

    We have 20 people Company in india,
    we run 500+ blogs in google (Health & Beauty Products) (Fitness & Body Building Supplements)
    Daily sale 10 To 20
    Daily income 500 To 1000 Dollar
    Daily traffic by 500 websites, 500 To 3000
    I want to join your network because your network give good commission rate then the others networks....
    Example: CPAprosperity give me 32 Dollar of this product "Prodermagenix" But your network give 41 dollar per sale,
    I hope u r understand?
    HOW I can Join your Network? Please help me Lyndsie...
  8. asifshabir

    asifshabir Affiliate affiliate

    Do these guys accept PTC/GPT websites ??

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