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ClickBank Affiliates - Cookie Warning IE7 or AntiSpyware?

Linda Buquet

I was just reading over at the Earns blog about
Internet Explorer 7 Nuking Clickbank Affiliate Links
He says:
"There?s two main reasons why the links are getting blocked by IE7.

1. If the site contains no privacy policy
2. is a default blocked cookie in IE7"

But then later down in the comments it looks like it could be anti-spyware that is killing the ClickBank cookie.

At any rate I've been hearing lots of rumbles from Clickbank affiliates that feel their sales are going down. Some say due to IE7 and others say IE7 is fine and it's anti-spyware software that is causing the problem.

Something to test and keep your eyes on the thread above to see if anything new develops on this.