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?Click Pimping? Google Cracking Down on Adwords Affiliates Again?

Linda Buquet

From the 5 Star Blog:

?Click Pimping? Google Cracking Down on Adwords Affiliates Again?

Click Pimping? It's the new word for "Keyword Arbitrage" dontcha know? (See below.) Well one affiliate says that Google is clamping down now on affiliates that are using AdWords landing pages. Google recently limited Adwords ads to one per domain, which forced affiliates to create landing pages for their ads on their own sites instead linking ads directly to the merchant's site. Now it sounds like Google may even be clamping down on affiliates that use landing pages. This does not make sense, if it's true. Google makes lots of money from affiliates using AdWords. See what this affiliate reports. Not verifying it's true, but sure would like to know if anyone else has gotten an email like this from Google. Google "supposedly wrote"?
"Google allows affiliates to advertise with AdWords... our policies prohibit ads for bridge pages that are solely intended to direct the user to the parent company's website."
I got the above info from an affiliate over at Phil Wiley's Affiliate Talk Forum who said Google just declined 50 ad groups he had been running for a year, that were on a landing page WITH CONTENT for an affiliate program.

My new phrase "Click Pimping" was just coined from Andrew Goodman's blog today :)

So has anyone else gotten Google slapped for "Click Pimping"? Have you recently had ads declined that had previously been approved???