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Classified Ads:How good are they?


How good and relevants is online ads using classified ads?

what are the best classified ads sites on the net?


Online FFA and classified ads sites can bring you some traffic. This especially goes for high traffic ones like CraigsList. On most of these online FFA or classified ad sites your ad will be displayed anywhere from 15-30 days and then it's gone. Try to find online classifed ad sites that get your ad indexed in the search engines and generate PR over time for long term benefits.

Conventional offline classified advertising is still a viable option becuase yep, belive it or not people still read the newspaper :) Review this link for more information on Offline Advertising using classified ads.


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I dont know about classified ad sites like craigslist but I do know that popular FFA sites your ad will only last a few hours before its scrolled off the page so those are pretty much worthless.


I have NEVER had any success with classified online ads. I tried offline classifieds but you have to run them for long periods of time to be effective and the ROI just wasn't worth it.

Of course that's not to say it won't work for you.


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We have to be carefull with FFA and farm sites where some of them are "poor quality" as some search engines don't like them. Unless you pay to have an automatic renewal service to have your ad at the top everyday or every hour, as long as other ads are added yours get down in the list.

People do not sort ads for a long time, they spend few minutes and they quit. Like having a good rank with search engines, after two or three pages, people quit reading ads of engine results. Classified ads on the internet has not brought me good results so far.