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Changes in Google Privacy Sandbox in 2022


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Hey there!

Today I wanted to tell you what's happening with measuring performance in 2022.

Have you already heard about new updates from Google regarding Privacy Sandbox? So, let me explain here what it means for marketers.

We've been waiting for Google to implement Privacy Sandbox for some time. If you wonder why Google postpones the date, it is because they want to deliver outstanding technology so we can maintain our performance.

Google makes about $210 billion from advertising revenue, which means it cannot just cut marketers and advertisers off tracking and measuring performance. Google is doing its best to provide us with a privacy-friendly environment, so we all could benefit from that. We can continue our marketing activities, and Google will continue making money.

Let's quickly cover 5 changes in the Google Privacy Sandbox agenda.

1. Privacy Sandbox introduced on Android

When Apple introduced IOS 14, most marketers moved the advertising traffic to Android. Google claims that such changes shouldn't be sudden so advertisers could be prepared to keep the performance and tracking as accurate. This change reminds us one more time that privacy-friendly trucking is essential for advertisers in the cookieless future.

2. Targeting & remarketing changes (Topics API instead of FLoC and FLEDGE)

Previously, Google announced FLoC (Federal learning of cohorts), which allows targeting groups based on their interests and keeps private user information anonymous.

Instead, Google introduces another interest-based targeting initiative, topics API. Advertisers can target topics (interest-based groups) without personal information.FLEDGE is a protocol that allows remarketing by creating user groups based on particular actions.

3. Measurement of digital ads

Another update from Google is Summary reports instead of Aggregated reports. It means less accurate data for measuring the performance of our digital ads. Unlike raw data, aggregated data provides a model of performance which doesn't show you all the clicks and conversions.

4. Move to Google Analytics 4

Although GA 4 is not a part of Privacy Sandbox, it is an important change for 2022/2023 as it is a part of the Privacy-friendly initiative by google and the elimination of 3rd party cookies. I suggest you get familiar with it because, by the 1st of July 2023, we will move to GA 4.

5. Preventing cross-site tracking

It is another part of the privacy-friendly initiative by Google that includes a lot of APIs and protocols:

-First-party sets
-Shared storage API
-Fenced Frames API

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