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CelluIce - $5 AFFILIATE BOUNTY, 30% 1st tier Commissions



* Paying 30% commissions on all sales.
* Paying 20% two tier percentage!
* LAUNCH SPECIAL: $5 Affiliate Bounty for each affiliate you refer! (Limited time!)
* Through ShareAsale - You're guaranteed payments!
* Toll free phone order tracking, using coupon codes!
* 90-day cookie
* Custom marketing materials can be created for you, free of charge!

Cellu-Ice is a Unique, effective Cellulite smoothing mousse.

No time-consuming massaging, reviewed & praised by countless women publications in the US. "First For Women" Magazine praised Cellu-Ice, mentioning it's "Worth a special trip to the store!". For now, Cellu-Ice is available exclusively through our website!

By promoting Cellu-Ice, you can rest assured you're giving your customers a product they can rely on for getting the perfect legs. But why trust us?

* First For Women
* Health News Digest
* Five Star Reviews

and many others say Cellu-Ice is an effective anti-Cellulite skin product!

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start promoting Cellu-Ice to start making commissions right now! and Skin Spa Therapies, LLC

Need special marketing materials made, free of charge? Need to consult with us regarding a promotion you are considering? Have any questions?

Don't hesitate to contact me directly - email : adi AT celluice DOT com
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