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Case Study | Teespring – Broad Targeting $2K/21days Facebook Hidden Interests

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by Filmosophist, May 4, 2015.

  1. Filmosophist

    Filmosophist Affiliate affiliate

    Hey everyone,

    I am a new member here in this forum and I would like to share my case study. I recently completed a teespring campaign using Facebook broad targeting which I would like to call them Facebook "Hidden" interests.

    My Main Plan

    I will start with a niche that i have never been tested before which is Archery. My budget will be 300$ and my target is to have a gross revenue approx 1500 – 2000 $. So first I searched about interests to find the potential that could bring me. It’s better to match an interest to a product/service than force my offer to match an interest. Then, I will start searching for quotes and ideas about the T-shirt. The best way to find ideas is Pinterest. I will search top Quotes on Pinterest or google to take some ideas about T-shirt and target on this.

    Example of the quotes that I planned to use:

    "Keep Calm and Shoot Straight"
    "Keep Calm and love Archery"
    "Bow Addict"
    "Keep Calm and let it Fly"
    "Shoot for the Stars"
    "The sky is never the limit in Archery"
    "Take it one shot at a time"

    Then I will design the T-shirt adding the quote and a random photo if needed. Photo is always an advantage. I will choose a photo randomly searching on google or I will hire a designer if I want something more specific.

    Day 1 - Design T-shirt.
    I selected the archery niche and I will start to design 2-3 different t shirts using teespring so I can test them and find the best converting t-shirt. I will set a time for the teespring campaign for 21 days and with a goal off 100 selling t-shirts. The price of each t-shirt will be $19.99.

    Day 2 - Set up FB campaign by finding broad interests.
    For my niche there are 20-million-person audience. All those people are not really engaged with the sport of archery or archery as a hobby. So I can’t target like that and that’s how a lot of people would target because if I want to target people who like Archery, I putting “archery” again, it makes sense in my head but it doesn’t make sense within Facebook’s interest targeting and how they show your ads. It could work, but my click through rate is probably going to be pretty low because most people that like archery are not the die hard fan.

    Most people that like archery are just a casual fan and what you really want to do is you really want to hit on that five to ten percent, maybe a little bit more, that are really engaged and really the diehard fans of archery. This is extremely broad so I have to narrow my search and dig deeper to find more specific targeted interests which are related to my offer. I need to be able to separate the engaged from the non-engaged just using the broad interest. So I have to deep dig and find keywords beyond the general topic. I have to figure out what these people are involved in. What motivates them? What drives them?

    Manual Process of finding Facebook Interests

    Google has “hidden keywords”. If I use the Google Keyword Planner, they show you keywords that people search and an estimate of how many times these keywords are searched monthly but google doesn’t show all the keywords. When you go to Google’s search box, you start typing some letters and a keyword appears.

    It appears because people have searched that keyword phrase before, so Google is showing you what somebody has searched before. Just like Google has hidden keywords, Facebook has what I would call “hidden interests”. if I just type in the broad keyword, I’m not going to notice. I have to search specifically for these interests to find them.
    You will discover a whole new world by searching hidden interests on Facebook.

    Following this process you will realize that when you start putting some of these in the interest, you will start typing something in and all of a sudden something will pop up you didn’t think about. You know, it has like 50,000 people or Facebook will give you a suggestion based on what you’ve already put and it will be something you wouldn’t have thought about.

    Whenever you’re trying to figure out how to target the right people, you’re going to go to Google and you’re going to type in whatever the topic is. For my niche archery, I’m going to type in “archery” or “archery association” or “archery foundation,” “archery federation,” “archery society,” “archery clubs,” whatever it may be, websites for dentists, magazines for archeries. It may show up in Facebook’s broad interest.

    If you want to target specific people in a certain state, you can do festivals or restaurants relevant to that state or city. It’s endless. Hidden Facebook interests,” because Facebook doesn’t openly give these to you. You have to search for them and you have to put in the interest and then Facebook will finish the search for you. There are many times where I spend sometimes 30 minutes to an hour putting the other list of interests and it pays. You won’t always find a match.

    ut take time to gather a list of super targeted interests. If you can’t find anything don’t try and force it off into the interests, but find interests that are really bid and that you already know that there’s and engagement with and then go and find your products and services to match that interest.

    What to Look for

    Association, foundation, federation, societies, club, forum, website, blog, magazine, newsletter,book, author, event, festival, conference, Amazon best sellers, competitions, state, city specific topics, subscriptions and more stuff you find along the way! You won’t always find a match but that’s okay. Take time and gather a list of super targeted interests. The competition in the field of Facebook is chaotic and at times it can turn into a factor that you simply cannot deal with. The scope of the interests you mean to approach is usually too wide, leading you to fruitless and time consuming attempts. Constant testing on finding out the tailor-made to your needs interests and audience gradually drains your financial budget before you even reach your goal.
    Check what I found for my ad


    There are tools which can help you find interests by categorization easily by searching keywords. It gives you all the potential interests by searching on facebook, google and wikipedia.
    Extra hints

    1. Start your campaigns are the beginning of the day 8am - 9am max to get full ad spend and reach daily budget
    2. If you have to start your campaigns halfway through the day, schedule them to start at the beginning of the next day and increase your bid to get the traffic moving then adjust accordingly.

    Started by Testing ads

    I started 3 campaigns just for testing.

    The tests was include:

    Split testing headlines to find control piece for headlines

    Split test image, ad copy. I always want to use OCPM when using CTW. I left my campaigns running for 24 – 36 hours for OCPM to kick in so I had to let my campaigns run. I couldn’t stop them and restart them otherwise the algorithm was been reseted.

    Finally none of the 3 designs worked well for me even if I made some changes in the headlines-description.. I designed 2 more, tested for 24-36 hours and I find the best one.. I made 8 sales in less than 30 hours. I increased a little the $ per day to see how it will work..

    Day 7
    I sold 28 t-shirts in less than 5 days. 16 days left. 28 out of 150. I increased the ad spend to see how the sales will go and the result was to sell 5 more t-shirts in 24hours. I left the ad spend to these levels and I increased it periodically.


    After 10 days I had 79 sales out of 150 so far. 11 days left and I started to increase the daily ad spend.. Check the screenshot bellow.


    Remember guys focus on the image, headline and body. In order to optimize you'll want to have three to five images per ad that you can rotate so you don't experience ad fatigue, this happens when people see the same ad over and over. Having different images is the best way to split test your ads.

    Day 21
    I have sold over 283 t-shirts in 21 days using broad targeting using untapped fb interests. The screenshots have been taken before 2 hours ago so another teespring campaign has been almost completed successfully.


    Below, is a screenshot with facebook stats from the campaign. You clearly see that I had 283 conversions with the cost per conversion $3.83. The clicks of the ad are 9,981 which include post likes, page likes, website clicks etc. The CTR is close to 9%. The total spent of the ad is 1,083.01$. I mentioned that I will increase my daily budget periodically since I had great results from the first days. I made over $2,378 net profit. Check the stats below:


    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my recent teespring campaign using "hidden" Facebook interests.

    Last edited: Sep 15, 2015
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    Nice post

    What types of FB ads did you run? - what size etc
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    Very interesting, food for thought certainly
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    I am mostly run dark posts!
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    wow amazing post! so total profit = $2,378 for 1 design?
    wish i have so much money to burn on facebook ads.
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    Wow, great share and nice journey.
    As nubie, its inspire to me make money froom teespring.

    Thanaks for share
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    nice journey a bow in the target (Y)
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    Nice journey , Wish you all the very best :)
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    Love this,

    Going to try it out for my adventure travel brand.
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    thank friend with of detailed about this journey I get many idea and spirit. I will bookmark your thread :D
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    Please tell we what OCPM base on? And you run your test ads with CTW?
    How many is your daily budget for first tests?
    Thanks you for your Case Study.
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    can i have your skype bro???
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    Wow, Nice results mate. Thanks for the post.