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[CASE STUDY] How to Make ROI 154% Running a Pay Per Push Dating Offer


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
Hi everyone ✋

ApproachX team is here.

Today our media buyer team would like to share with you their tips and tricks on how to run dating offers with ads on Mirelia Network.

What you`ll need to start earning with dating:

- Account at Mirelia Network;
- Dating offers with 20%-30% CR. Our managers will help you to choose a good one for you;
-Your time and desire to win.

So, it's time to work and share our results!

CPM Campaign (Top and Bottom) also you can try interstitial
Daypart targeting: 20.00-04.00
Daily budget per source: $20-$60
Freq Cap: 1/72
Segment: Not paid users


Bidding priority​

Set up - max price

DATE - 01.03.22-31.03.2022

Bangsect - Chat Flow - Pay Per Push Subscription
TOTAL SPEND - $2,648
EARNINGS- $4,077
- 154%
PROFIT - $1429

Ad formats

For USA campaign set up we choose banners 300х250.

Creatives: Split testing- King of all campaigns. We recommend you prepare different types of creatives and test how they`ll perform for you.
We choose images with a call to action and videos with no CTA and other types.

Our Results


Feel free to ask us any questions.

5% Welcome Bonus from ApproachX
Set up our offers and get 5% on top with your first payout.
Hit us on skype live:517b66cea3c3b506, or via telegram - @Marina_BizDev
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Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
Hi @ApproachX, how do you recommend optimizing? Based on the banners' CPC? so far I have $7+ spend and only $1.50 revenue
Hi JuanDLink!

Thank you for the great question.Clapping

1) Operational systems: target only Android Chrome Mobile versions 87, 90, 98,92,99.
2) Act like a local! Use only local languages targeting for each country. Remove persian, Indonesian, arabian languages.
3) Devices to forget about: VIVO, TECNO. ZTE, INFINIX.
4)Daypart targeting: Primetime (20.00-05.00) will also help you to achieve better results.
5) Best ad formats: member area, banners 300*100 and 300*250, pushes, back button, and second offer traffic.
5) Absolutely No No! No fraud, No Pop-unders, No In-App.
6) Skip tube traffic (usually it does not work well due to the high % of incognito mode).
7) RON, CPM and 50% bidding 50% without bidding (to get the most expensive traffic with better performance).
8) Small tests = big results. After at least a $50 test you should choose the winning combo (creative angle/traffic).
9) Use the spy tool to get some creative inspiration.
10) Follow all the latest Google Updates recommendations.

:affiliatefix: >> Follow our Telegram to get more tips & tricks.

May the profit be with you!
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