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CampOut at the Summit

Linda Buquet

If I was going to Summit and was 10 years younger I'd be doing this.
I used to love camping and this just sounds too cool!
So if you can't find a hotel in Vegas for Summit, consider camping out with the guys! :p

From the 5 Star blog...

Some of the affiliate marketers attending the Summit will not be staying at Ballys. Nope I'm not talking about the one's on a budget that are staying at Circus Circus - I'm talking about the self proclaimed Gonzos, sleeping under the stars and camping out at Lake Mead.

Showering Before the Affiliate Summit
<img src="" alt="Camping Shower" align="left" hspace="10" width="240" /> Sam Harrelson and Wayne Porter are launching what Sam crowned the Affiliate Camp. Here's the info from <a target="_new" href="">Sam's Cost Per News blog</a>. I can't resist quoting some of Waynes comments about the event <a target="_new" href="">over at Revenews</a>. I about spewed coffee on my monitor when I 1st read this a few days ago and it's been on my blogging to-do list ever since. Many of you may have read it already, but in case you missed it... Wayne said:

<strong>"If I come should I bring drugs? </strong> No. I imagine if that is your thing you might be able to find a few company pitches that are so full of hype one lungful will leave you high for a week. I do not encourage it. Then again I cannot regulate your behavior, however the Park Rangers can and probably will."

<strong>"Should I prepare a Power Point presentation?</strong> I don't speak for Sam, but if you do you will be asked to leave, you might actually get injured. Any presentations will be inscribed in mud or dirt on the ground using a stick or your own finger."

<strong>Who will be there?</strong> "I will. Sam will. There is no real guest list. No A, B or C list. For that matter- lists are fairly discouraged and will probably be used to start the campfire. Who will be there is totally unknown, but all are welcome. If no one goes camping that is all the better- we can get more Gonzo and make more stuff up about who did attend and what they said."

<strong>"Why would you do this at all?</strong> Why not do it? The most logical reason is that Sam and I are part of some Illuminati-like secret organization that encourages freezing in the desert, another logical reason is that camping is a good way to enjoy the earth." <a target="_new" href="">More from Wayne</a>...

For anyone that requires creature comforts like showers and toilets free of lizards and snakes, <a target="_new" href="">Shawn has a list of Vegas Hotels</a>.

From Affiliate Camp to the <a target="_new" href="">Affiliate Jam Session and Sing-a-Long</a> to the <a target="_new" href="">Gospel Brunch for Affiliate Marketers</a>, this year's Summit promises to have something for everyone! Sure wish I could be there to join in the fun and camaraderie!

Anyone up for this??? What do you think? :eek:

fernando - exit39

New Member
It was a double take for me too

I read this via your blog, and I had to read it twice... I could not believe it.
I can't wait to hear how many people show up at the camp!! :)


In the dead of winter too!
How much fun can a group of affiliates have?!
I hope they take video for utube!

Man that's going to be cold! Brrrr!