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Buzz Tracking - Niche Finding Tool

Linda Buquet

Niche-O-licious treat #1 - Where's the BUZZ?

Last night I teased you with the fact that I had some <a target="_new" href="">Amazing FREE Niche Finding Tools</a> you probably don't know about and would release one a day throughtout the week. Well here is the 1st one and it's a very cool 2.0 way to measure and compare the buzz around any type of niche idea or product research you want to do. Below I give you some VERY generic ideas. Use that <em>BIG HUGE IMAGINATION</em> of yours and do some <em>REAL</em> niche digging.

<strong><a target="_new" href="">Nielsen BuzzMetrics’s BlogPulse Trend Search</a></strong> Use the Trend search to create your own graphs that plot "buzz" about specific search terms (issues, people, brands, sports, health concerns, etc.) in the blogosphere. You can compare in 1, 2 or 6 month time frames to see if the buzz is growing or dying out.

Lets see how hot the buzz has been over the last 6 months between iPod, Wii & Video Games.
<center><a target="_new" href=""><img src="" alt="Wii ipods video games" /></a></center>
Click the graph to go to the search form and try other more targeted terms. Again I'm being VERY generic. I'll give you the tools, but won't give away any hot niches! ;-)

For fun I did a comparison of the buzz around <strong><a target="_new" href="">3 American Idol Finalists</a>- Sanjaya Malakar - Melinda Doolittle - LaKisha Jones. </strong> The results are sad, but not surprising!

So you could do a comparison of hot trends, tech products, diseases or any other type of research to find out what's being talked about the most or to find out if a new niche idea you have is even something people are interested in. Then if you want to drill down deeper just hover over one part of the graph and it will take you to all the blog conversations on that subject at that point in time, which could be helpful for niche research and content ideas.

Next go and check out <strong><a target="_new" href="">BlogPulse Trends</a> </strong>to see <em>existing comparison's from a wide variety of topics</em>. See if you can find a general niche topic you are interested in finding out more about. Then change the search terms to drill down deeper in that niche.
<blockquote>"BlogPulse Trends is the one-click answer to the simple question: "What’s the buzz?" BlogPulse Trends identifies the topics and subjects that people are talking about in their blogs. Is it the latest political scandal? International struggle? A TV show? A new electronics gadget or computer operating system? A particular movie star or sports celebrity? A famous court case or a bizarre news story of the day? A trend graph displays the buzz generated by any given topic or the comparison of buzz across a set of topics."</blockquote>
Then last but not least you can use <a target="_new" href="">Conversation Tracker</a> to track conversations topic or key phrase. This is similar to using Technorati for research, but it pulls up a very different set of blogs than I get at the big T and I've discovered some gems I didn't know about.

On a side note, unrelated to niche marketing, you can also use the Conversation Tracker to track a blog entry you or someone else wrote to see who else republished, linked to it or carried on the conversation.

<strong>This is one of many cool niche tools that I hope to share and it takes lots of time to put this all together for you. As I mentioned yesterday, the compilation of niche research tools and ideas I have is more than enough to package and sell. I'm giving all this away for free, but I don't do this for the fun of it - I need some positive re-enforcement! Is this hot or not???

What do you think? Do you like this niche research tool? Did you know about it already? If you think it's cool, then link to it and blog about it to your readers. Also please share your feedback here in the forum to give me the motivation to keep finding and sharing stuff like this. </strong>

Stay tuned to 5 Star to see what I pull out of the hat tomorrow. Happy niche hunting!


New Member
Hi Linda. The 'Nielsen BuzzMetrics?s BlogPulse Trend Search ' tool looks like it's going to be something everyone should become handi with. I played around with it a bit to see how 'web video programs' might fare and I got a few surprises.

I'm going to sit and anxiously watch to see what else you have. :D

(Anything on PPC stuffed in your hat?) :D

Luck and good marketing to all

Linda Buquet

Thanks for the feedback RT - glad you liked it!

I already have tons of PPC and keyword research tools scattered all over the forum. But yes I have some new ones I'll share, just for you!