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Buy, Borrow, Beg and Barter for Links

Discussion in 'Programming and Scripts' started by 5 Star Blogger, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. 5 Star Blogger

    5 Star Blogger Affiliate affiliate

  2. CPA Evolution
  3. billy101

    billy101 New Member

    Getting those saught after links isn't too difficult if you know how...

    Generating quality traffic is always the first question on the lips of beginners and well it isn't as difficult as it might seem.

    Here's a great article explaining, somewhere near the bottom how to get those links from the webmasters of top websites...

    Go look at it and tell me what you think...


    Ryan Blake.
  4. RiverRock

    RiverRock New Member

    Ha, ha, is that the 4 B's of having a website?
  5. jdf39

    jdf39 New Member


    One of the best ways to get links, and one-way, which search engines think are better than reciprocal is with articles.

    But to be successful you need to write original, quality stuff that people want to read.

    There is too much re-gurgitated crap out there that many just skim and vomit.

    Write 400-600 words in your own words, with some passion. Remember to put your keyword in the resource box. That is the key to targeted traffic.

    Hope this helps.

    Btw, I have submitted 100's and used all kinds of article submitters, and automated submitters.
  6. fredflinstoned

    fredflinstoned Affiliate affiliate

    Another thing that may important piece of info,is that unfortunantly there are some out there that will trade links with you,then after a couple of weeks they'll remove your link of course they assume youv'e more than likely already visited and verified the link placement,then they keep getting traffic from your site,while your not benefitting at all.
    beware of such sites,a forum such as this site is indeed needed lest you find yourself within the gordianknot!
    (GordianKnot a video game home project Iv'e been working on for a few years now lol).
  7. jdf39

    jdf39 New Member

    Reciprocal links

    Yes, true some will remove your links but why? It isn't any skin off their nose to leave it and who cares. If you have the time you can check each link with software or a program like Links Manager. But frankly, I use SEO Elite, find sites with PR 2+ in related categories, with link pages. Then its just a matter of writing your links, (don't forget to put main keywords/keyword phrases in anchor text) and submit to each site. This is the easiest and fastest way to get indexed by google or other se's and link popularity or page rank.

    Don't spend half your life doing this tedious chore, use SEO ELite!

    Happy Father's Day!