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Announcement Buy and Optimize Traffic From All Top Native Ad Networks In One Platform - Our DSP is Out of Beta

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by voluum, Dec 11, 2018.

  1. voluum

    voluum The Dojo Member Service Manager affiliate

    Hey All,
    We’re open to the public now, which means anyone who signs up for an Account is approved and activated within 24 hours.

    So, here's what Voluum DSP offers now:
    • 24/7 Campaign Approval - because time is money
    • WhiteList/Blacklists - Our reporting shows you which Ad Networks (Taboola, Liveintent, Revcontent, etc.) you’re running on. With complete transparency, you can drill down campaign performance to the native site, application, and widget id level.
    • A Dedicated Account Manager - we all need help sometimes. All new accounts right now will have access to Account Managers that can help set up your first campaign and also give you insights on what offers to run, where to run it, and offer whitelists/blacklists.
    • Auto Optimization and Bidding - to maximize your campaign performance.
      • Auto Rules- You have the option of using our “if-this-then-that” logic, so you can freely set your own rules and let our platform optimize bids for you.
      • Auto-Optimization- If you’re looking for a quicker option, we also offer goal based Auto Optimization where you can set a campaign goal (CPC, CPA, etc) and our platform will automatically optimize towards it.
    • AI-Powered Optimization Tools - to maximize your campaign performance
    • Bidding Recommendations - to help you bid more effectively from the start. We aggregate your campaign performance to suggest where you can make changes for better ROI.


    $200 FREE
    • Bulk Campaign Creation by Targeting - Create multiple campaigns split testing across multiple Ad Networks or devices with 1 campaign setup.
    • Granular traffic optimization - optimize on segments (browser version, ip, city, creative, etc) not available through direct buys. You’ll be able to pause or change bids on every traffic segment we track.
    • Free money - $200 for $500 for the first 100 clients to refer to our “Out of Beta” Promo.

    The offer will be valid for the first two weeks after enabling DSP in your Voluum account and topping up $500!

    PM me for any questions. You can also contact our support at support@voluum.com or on skype at johnsmithkrakow or simply register your DSP account here.
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  2. Voluum