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BuddyPromoter Affiliate Program

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by jakesolochek, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. jakesolochek

    jakesolochek Affiliate affiliate

    Looking for the right product to promote that has a great conversion rate? And of course also pays great on commissions?

    Well what I would like to introduce you today is BuddyPromoter - Youtube Marketer

    With the conversion rates of over 3% right now and that high demand in our product. We are going to be giving ALL affiliates a starting 60% commissions on all sales generated by them. But wait! that is not all... Hunt down affiliates and marketers interested in promoting our product, and we will give you a secondtier commisson on whatever your affiliates drive in for us! That's right, You will make 10% of whatever over all income of all affiliates you hunt down for us.

    Let me explain to you in a brief paragraph of what BuddyPromoter and how it was born...

    I am Internet Marketer that has been specializing in Social Network marketing the last couple of years, and found it very successfully to get into. My first attempt was with a couple web sites, Myspace.com, and HI5.com( Hi5 was just not worth it after long research) But with MySpace I found very successfully with allot more potential in new techniques to market on MySpace.

    After thousands and thousands of dollar affiliate checks rolling in the mail each month, I had then started a MySpace Marketing E-Course on how I did everything step by step, And soon after that I had released the software I had made which came out to be a big hit in the Myspace marketers world, called "BuddyPromoter" sad to say with all new Myspace updates I and changes in their terms of use, I had to stop updating.

    But now I am back with my newsiest venture I have been on for the last 3 month's with, Youtube.com :).

    Over 3 successfully months of pulling in soo many unique targeted visitors, and cross promoting different affiliate just right off of YouTube.com I think it is ready to start my newsiest addition to BuddyPromoter as YouTube Edition. I think it is time to release what I have all done with Youtube and the tools I have done so with.

    With our Youtube marketer, you will see a high increase of unique visitors, video plays, and whichever else you would like to use our YouTube marketer for. YouTube Marketer can also be used for personal use on just getting more video plays on your videos.

    Great for bands, Marketers, Personal use, Comedians, Plus thousands of other groups that have not yet experienced there youtube world on autopilot saving them hundreds of hours each month trying to get a higher impact on there videos.

    For more information you can always check out, BuddyPromoter Affiliate Program
    You can easily join our affiliate program right from our web site on the tab that says "Affiliate". BuddyPromoter

    Hope to have you aboard on our successfully mission on Youtube, If you have any questions or concerns you can easily contact us right from our web site.

    Wish everybody the best of luck,
    CEO BuddyPromoter
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