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“FunnelFlux  Zeydoo

Broken down Affiliate groups


I have broken down my affiliates into 5 groups: Active, Formerly Active, Never Active, New Inactives, and high potential inactives. Now I know I need to target each group differently in an attempt to motivate them to become stronger affiliates. With the Active group I am considering a simple bonus to whoever has the most sales in a given month. I am thinking with the formerly active, never active and new inactives to institute a bonus for 1st and 10th sales or something to that extent. I have ideas for the potential bigger fish but nothing that seems to convincing. Can anyone offer any ideas.

Linda Buquet

Bonus for 1st and 10Th sounds good.

When I used to do management sometimes I'd do a contest with 3 prizes.
Top sales - most improved (month over month sales) - best newbie, that way affiliates at any level had a chance to win.