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Hi All,

My name is Ian and have been an independent consultant/affiliate manager since way back when affiliate programs ust began...yep, I am THAT old!

Glad to be part of this forum, and hope that my experience can help one or to of you out there...and that one or two of you can bring me up to date on all the new things us vets do not keep up on!

Linda Buquet

Hi Ian,

Welcome to 5 Star. You should fit in well here. We have lots of old pros here including me. I know 2 other Ians that are old pros in the biz too. At 1st I thought you were one of them. I see you already put your program invite down in the merchant promote section.

Glad to have you join us and we welcome your participation in some good discussions.


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Who know? Maybe our paths did cross. I have worked with an awful lot of affialites, affialite gurus, and affiliate managers over the past 10 years. Most of my work was with newsletters and such, mostly in the health arena, but dabbled in several other programs.

Where did you think our paths crossed?

Linda Buquet

"Where did you think our paths crossed?"

Oh I don't think our paths have crossed, this is the 1st time I've heard your name.

Do you know the team? They are right there in Montreal too. They have a forum here and are one of my clients.


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Welcome to 5 Star, Ian.

I've been around since the beginning too. The one thing I've noticed is it is a lot harder to keep up with what is going on now than it was years ago. Much more information is available but there is so much going on and so much more to keep up with. I keep up with as much as possible in order to stay informed as well as to try to be helpful to 5 Star members.

Actually when you stop and think about it, this field hasn't been around all that long. It is possible for people to have started at a young age and be veterans now and still be young. So being in this field since the beginning or near the beginning doesn't always make a person old. Of course the definition of old changes with most people as they get older.

Our 5 Star members can do a very good job of helping you to keep up to date, and your experience can be helpful to some of our members who have questions.

Now that you are a 5 Star member, I hope you will be participating in the discussions as often as you can.