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Blogging for Dollars - New Blogging Jobs

Discussion in 'General Internet Marketing' started by Linda Buquet, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet <span style="color: #daa520;font-weight: bold;">Me

    Hey all you prolific bloggers out there OR blog owners that need another voice for your blog. Darren over at <a target="_new" href="http://www.problogger.net/archives/2006/08/24/blogger-jobs-problogger-job-boards/">ProBlogger</a> just launched a new <a target="_new" href="http://jobs.problogger.net/">Job Board for Bloggers</a>.

    Here is a sampling of the blog "niches" that will pay you to write for them. <strong>Craft Blogger</strong> at b5media, <strong>Performing Arts Blogger</strong> at b5media, <strong>Entrepreneur Blogger</strong> at 52 Reviews, <strong>Linux Blog Editor</strong> at b5media, <strong>Windows Blogger</strong> at b5media, <strong>Spanish Soccer blogger</strong> at Weblogs SL in Spain, 8/23 - <strong>Widow Blogger</strong> at b5media. The job board just launched today so as more people find out about it the listings will grow. Check out all the <a target="_new" href="http://jobs.problogger.net/">Jobs at ProBlogger</a> or place your ad to get in front of savvy bloggers. "ProBlogger.net is read on a daily basis by around 5000 readers per day via the main site plus another 8000+ via it?s RSS feed. Most of our readers are bloggers and almost all of them are actively searching for information on how to earn a living from blogs."

    <strong>Can you really make big money blogging?</strong> Probably not as a J.O.B. but read the article below to discover how much money some of the top bloggers are making. <strong>Some bloggers are grossing $1 MILLION! </strong>Business 2.0 has the scoop with lots of meaty details for those of you interested in the potential of blogging revenue. Discover which blogs are making BIG bucks and how much they are making at <strong><a target="_new" href="http://money.cnn.com/magazines/business2/business2_archive/2006/09/01/8384325/">Business 2.0: Blogging for Dollars</a></strong>.

    <blockquote>"With Internet-like speed, blogs have gone from self-indulgent hobbies to flourishing businesses. Real businesses, with real revenue streams from real advertisers--not overhyped next big things with pick-a-number valuations based on selling out someday to some overenthusiastic big-media sugar daddy. Boing Boing, a four-person operation that bills itself as a directory of wonderful things, is on track to gross an estimated $1 million in ad revenue this year. The digital-media news site PaidContent.org, headquartered in the second bedroom of a Santa Monica apartment, is set to post even more than that. And Fark.com, a site packed with sophomoric humor run by a lone guy in Lexington, Ky., is on pace to become a multimillion-dollar property. In short, some of the most popular blogs, long the bane of the mainstream media, are themselves becoming mainstream."</blockquote>
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