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Blog Networks: Are They Still Working?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by henlus, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. henlus

    henlus Affiliate affiliate

    I know of blog networks like thekeywordacademy’s postrunner, articlerank, seolinkvine etc. I wish to invest in them but I want to be sure that they are still working in helping your Google ranking. Which one should I go for? Please share your idea.
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  3. Viktori

    Viktori Affiliate affiliate

    I just use Bloggers. I don't know much about how effective it is for page rank, but it's certainly lead me to find a lot of other interesting blogs, and in turn a few people have visited and joined my site as well. In that respect, I'd say it works very well, and I'm at least satisfied enough with the outcome. I also just use the blogger network within Blogspot, and if comments help at all with page rank, then that is the place I'd go to for comments. I prefer it because it's so easy to get into and most bloggers will be glad to return the favor when you place comments on their blog.
  4. Nymph

    Nymph Affiliate affiliate

    Some of those names ring a bell to me, and that's because there are still some SEO researchers and companies who use these platforms. I know Articlerank worked when I tested it out a while ago, but nowadays I just outsource or write articles myself and make use of Copyscape to check if all content held within the passage is 100% unique. I wouldn't knock any of them until you've tried them.
  5. RomanAnthonysMama

    RomanAnthonysMama Affiliate affiliate

    I think blogging networks still work. I never went on the ones that you listed, but I still frequently browse around BlogHer, Xanga, WordPress, and Blogger. There are still quite a few active users amongst the communities. I was reeling in a lot of referrals just last year through blogging networks. The method really worked for me! It's not as successful now, but there is still some traffic coming from the blog networks I belong to.
  6. Murray

    Murray Affiliate affiliate

    I've been working on building up a new concept in the blogging world. It takes some time, dedication and some good material to get it going but it also can be very profitable. The way you go about it is typically a slow and methodical game plan that builds content and eventually earns you subscribers. I'm working on a concept now that's focused on several areas. This adds the difficulty of trying to control content across multiple areas of knowledge and still trying to get clicks and purchases of things.

    Hopefully it all works out.
  7. sam11

    sam11 Affiliate affiliate

    PostRunner was great in the beginning. You could rank very high only using that specific network. It had a period when a lot of people left the building, but it is still hanging in there. Not as strong as before, but it is definitely worth the money. Depending on your niche, you may find 100's of sites or just a few dozens.
  8. SimplySidy

    SimplySidy Affiliate affiliate

    I dont see any harm using them. Okay, they might not be relevant today for the SEO, but then, if there is some good incoming traffic from them, why not use them. At least there is nothing wrong in getting better traffic from trusted sites the right way. And when there is incoming traffic, there is always some better things in store - maybe your page ranks might increase too.
  9. Cammie27

    Cammie27 Affiliate affiliate

    I think the more socially oriented blog networks are the ones that are the most helpful these days. I get a lot of traffic from other blogs that I follow and the blogs of my followers, but I haven't heard a lot of good things about the keyword based services that build backlinks more "automatically". It seems like that's going the way of keyword-stuffing, and that organic methods of building traffic are becoming easier to manage.
  10. Danch

    Danch Affiliate affiliate

    I think its better to try out guest blogging rather than try automation with content marketing. I have tried Web 2.0 marketing and it works well with long-tail keywords. I try to find a few blogs allowing guest blogging and build links to my primary keywords.
  11. henlus

    henlus Affiliate affiliate

    Publishing guest posts on popular blogs in your niche can be very helpful. It is harder than posting in blog networks but it is worth the effort.

    Have anyone tried blog networks in 2013?
  12. atomic76

    atomic76 Affiliate affiliate

    I'm pretty sure Google is starting to become more aware of all of these and penalizing sites that use them. As easy as it is for any single person to ask around on a blackhat forum, so could a Google employee - to do some research and find out who is running and participating in these schemes.