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Selling Blank, Fake & Spoof your Referers - New Advanced URL Redirection


Designed for CPA Affiliates.... is an advanced URL redirection system with Referer control, allowing you to fake and hide your traffics original referer/location. Changing your traffics referer to sites like google search, twitter, stumbleupon, Tumblr and more!

Basically.... you're using a traffic source is not allowed for the offers you are promoting.... and we can change it so that it is acceptable !

See our list of features :

URL Shortener

Built in URL shortener to make all your redirects simple to use and maintain.

Referer Blanking

We use a SSL Certificate which means we can give you 100% blanked referers using our system. No more double meta refreshes or redirects. HTTPS forwarding completely removes any referers, making this far the safest way to blank. Fakereferer is Safe blanking across all browsers including mobiles.

Referer Faking/Spoofing

Using our custom and unique methods we have access to many high ranking and high authority sites, which we can manipulate into giving our users the referers they really want for their traffic! No one else on the internet is able to provide this service today.We are constantly look at new site we can spoofr your referers from , so if you have any ideas please contact us

(*Please note your webpage or URL must be indexed by google for google redirects to work, if not we can help you get them indexed within 24 hours)

Current working Spoofed URLs are… Google, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Tumblr, & Voila

Referer Faking from your Own Sites- (In development)

We give you the ability to use another site you own as the referer of your traffic. Using this method enables you to mask your traffic from your account managers or fake stats of a site you are going to sell. Making the traffic come from a trusted site you own.

Stats Counter

We keep a count of each sucessful visitor to click through your URLs and redirection

Referer Testing

We will give you access to your own referer testing page, so you can test all your links before you start using them in a live enviroment.

We are doing a promo for decemeber, 100 redirect URLs with Faked Referers for $9.99 per month. Come on over to our site and take a look at what we have to offer!

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