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Bing Ads / Adwords PPC tracking with external software

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click' started by kris79, Feb 21, 2015.

  1. kris79

    kris79 Affiliate affiliate

    I'm a little bit confused with those rules for PPC.
    As far as I know both Bing and Adwords do not allow redirects (unless I'm wrong)
    So should I only be using their internal conversion tracking + google analytics?

    Displayed URL: greatproduct.com
    Destination URL: mytrackingdomain.com/track?4545754
    Final URL: greatproduct.com

    for example using Prosper202 or Voluum or any other external tracking software for tracking keywords and assigned those to conversion.

    Is it allowed?
    and how to do a proper tracking in PPC?
  2. newbidder
  3. vertimarketing

    vertimarketing Affiliate affiliate

    Hey Kris,

    I have not done too much search yet my spend has been around 5k which is really low. But I have not been affected by using a different tracking domain then the final url or displayed url. I just keep the display congruent with the final url and its fine.

    From what I understand it should not be a problem, but if needed voluum does handle custom domain tracking not sure about it yet as I am still trying to get some questions with voluum too.

    Proper tracking in PPC comes down to whatever they allow for parameters and updating your bids within the tracking if they do not have a postback for cost.

  4. kris79

    kris79 Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you Vertimarketing for your answer and help.

    Here is a result of my investigation:
    Yesterday I asked a question under Youtube video on Adwords channel here:

    and they surprised me with really, really quick answer with a link to this page:
    Manage tracking and redirects in URL options - AdWords Help

    which has also some interesting setup for Adwords campaigns.
    When I find something similar on Bing I will post here.
  5. kris79

    kris79 Affiliate affiliate

    I just confirmed with Bing Ads that they also allow 3rd party tracking.
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