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Big Brother Finale

Amelie K

New Member
Has anybody been watching Big Brother this summer?

I was unable to watch an episode in its entirety because Dick annoyed me so much.

Thoughts on the season?

Linda Buquet

Hi Amelie,

Sorry, that's not one I watch so can't comment.

Sure enjoyed the Amazing Grace finale last night though.
Love that show!


New Member
I watched it all. What can I say? It's my guilty pleasure during the summer.

It was pretty annoying to see two horrible people winning the cash, but that's usually how it happens on that show.

I was glad that Dick won over Danielle to be honest. She really did nothing strategic other than align with him - she let him take all the heat and do the dirty work and then whined to him about it. I think they agreed to split the cash anyway so it didn't really matter who won the $500k and who won the $50k. ;)