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Best way to get targeted traffic on Youtube?


Julia Ann

YouTube is one of the biggest video search engines, Which really helps people in various ways. YouTube users post their video for many purposes.

Targeted traffic on YouTube: YouTube helps to get traffic but how does it help, It helps to get traffic in various ways like.

YouTube Add: You would have noticed, People place some ads during video & those add redirect to a particular website. So that way help to get traffic.

The link in YouTube Video description: descriptions needed but most YouTube users put their link in the Video description that people can reach to their website.

So these are the way to get traffic from YouTube.


Dojo Master
Make sure that your title and meta tags are targeted. Use related keywords in your description.

Also, be sure that there are people looking for your type of video. Preferably with low competition, if possible.

Above all, provide good content. That way, people will come back for more of your videos.

Then promote your link. :)


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I don't now is it's still available but a lot of smmpanels is offering views from some country. If your budget is big enough buying a big backage of it might be even put you on trending in some youtube country version. Good to consider it :)