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Best Thing About Being an Affiliate Is???

The Best Thing About being An Affiliate Is???

  • No Boss - No J.O.B.

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  • Working from Home in my PJs ;-)

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  • The Money

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  • Not having to carry inventory or deal with customers

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  • Low Overhead

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  • Freedom (to work when I want and control my own biz)

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  • Variety

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  • Excitement and Challenge

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  • Working on the Internet

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  • Other

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Linda Buquet

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The Best Thing About being An Affiliate Is???

Well even though I'm not an affiliate - I can relate to and am lucky enough share a few of the of the biggest benefits of being an affiliate - so I started with those. No boss and working from home, we are SOOOO lucky!

1) no boss
2) working from home

Vote plus add other reasons you are happy you are an affiliate.

Their are TONS of benefits to being an affiliate - I only listed 9 of them.

Lets see how long we can make the list and then I'll blog your answers.