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Best Affiliate Blog? Another 5 Star Nomination

Linda Buquet

5 Star was just nominated again for <strong><a target="_new" href="">Best Affiliate Marketing Blog</a></strong>. 5 Star always gets nominated and never seems to win. Still, I love the extra attention and always appreciate being nominated. Just makes me want to try harder! This Affiliate Marketing Blog Contest is being held by <a target="_new" href="">Lee Dodd</a>, the leading forum guru.

Lee asks "What affiliate marketing blog is it that makes you smile when you think about it, that really gets you excited when you see a new post in your RSS reader?" <strong><a target="_new" href="">So head on over and vote</a></strong>.
Lots of great affiliate marketing blogs are nominated!

Linda Buquet

Why thanks Kevin. Really appreciate it! :)
(Where's my HUGS smiley?) :p

ShoeMoney has SOOOO many fans.
Looks like he'll win again and a well deserved win it will be!


Hi Linda

I also voted for you as the best affiliate marketing blog.

I had a thought for you. If we keep using the keywords "best affiliate marketing blog" in this thread then 5 star will rank number 1 :D
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