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Best Advertising? Low Cost Traffic? Here's some...

Linda Buquet

Since everyone is trying to ramp things up for the Holidays, I thought it would be good to share some good advertising sources and low cost traffic sources.

NO FREEBIES - no link exchanges, ezines, traffic clubs, FFAs or other junk.
Just GOOD REASONABLE advertising options or ad networks you have tried.

I want to start off with Performancing partners. Not just because they are a new 5 star client but because I'm using their blog ad network and have gotten some incredible ad buys. I'm a VERY happy customer.

Performancing Partners Blog Ad Network -
I got an INCREDIBLE ad buy there on a super popular high traffic blog, I've always wanted to advertise on but could never afford to. So excited, the campaign just kicked in and I'm starting to get some good traffic. Got several other good targeted blogs for $25 a month too. Can't beat that!

My blog review about Performancing with more details here:- http://affiliate-blogs.5staraffilia...08/blog-ad-network-performancing-advertising/

I also use and really like Adbrite and have found some really good ad buys there too. I've used in the past but not for awhile. I got great prices on a high traffic SEO blog that rocked my site and made it happy. But when the blog owner raised his ad rates I had to drop off.

With all the above you can target by category and see how much traffic the sites are getting before you buy.

SOOOOO what about you?
Where do advertise and where are the good buys???


Thanks for the resource
I've been wanting to venture into some other areas of advertising and this may be worth looking into

Lynn Quario

New Member
Thanks Linda for those resources... :)

I will definitely check them out as I have spent the past week setting up Safelist and Traffic Exchanges. Since I signed up for the Safelists I have received within the last two days over 3000 messages in my inbox... :eek:

I did receive a couple of sign ups though... :D