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Linda Buquet

WARNING AFFILIATES - Read before joining

Hi francis,

Welcome to 5 star, but you may not be happy you came after I post. And depending on your answer I may need to delete this post.

I am a MAJOR cookie defender so beware

You offer ad blocking software that looks like it blocks affiliate links and either flags or deletes affiliate cookies. I am wondering if your anti-spyware software also deletes affiliate cookies?

Many anti-spyware programs target innocent affiliate cookies as spyware just so it looks to the user like the software caught lots of BAD stuff. Affiliates need to be VERY careful about what anti-spyware programs they promote, to be sure they are not hurting our industry and income.

So can you tell me if all your programs are 100% safe for affiliates and don't block their income in ANY way?


Hi Linda:

Thank you for your post and sorry for the late reply. My full name is Francis Xavier L. Torre and I work for FBM Software as a Business Development Officer.

Our ad-blocker and anti-spyware products do flag cookies but only the bad ones. We actually classify cookies into three categories: Trusted, Spyware, and Unknown. I can guarantee that harmless affiliate cookies are not deleted by our products. You're right - some anti-spyware applications include cookies in scans to bloat the number of spyware found to impress the user. We, on the other hand, detect only spyware cookies. We have an online spyware research center, Spyware-Net, where a vendor can submit a dispute if he/she thinks that our application is wrongfully flagging an application.

I hope I have answered your questions and more power to us all!

Linda Buquet

Hi Francis,

Thank you so much for coming here to answer my questions. I try to be an industry WatchDog when it comes to protecting our precious cookies.