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The AffiliateFix Team

Banner Ads !

Discussion in 'Display Media Buying' started by stevedee, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. stevedee

    stevedee Affiliate affiliate

    Started a Media Buy campaign last week and would love to hear from anyone that can take me forward.
    Picked 2 banners (different products) and used BuySellAds to put them up on 2 websites.
    After a week both ads have had about 4k impressions each, a couple of clicks, but no conversions.

    Is this normal ?
  2. Voluum
  3. kaniganj

    kaniganj Affiliate affiliate

    So many variables here.

    Are the banners cued up to get the attention of the site visitors? Banners for things moms would like probably wouldn't run well on a gaming site, for instance.

    They're definitely volume-based for conversions. The more targeted your site is, the higher the clickthru rate will be. So you'll get a range from 0.2% (one-fifth of one percent) to maybe even 10%. At 2 per 4000, your clickthru rate is 0.05% or one-half of one-tenth of a percent. L-O-W by any standard. Makes me think your site isn't niche-focused at all.

    We would expect at 0.2% the clickthru rate to be 8. That would be low but acceptable.

    Think about how this works: there are two filters. One--your visitor has to click through the banner. Two--they must convert. Two clickthrus is very unlikely to be enough to generate a conversion (one out of the two would have to convert...and we probably need more like 100 banner clickers to get 1 conversion).
  4. stevedee

    stevedee Affiliate affiliate

    If someone clicks a banner, they must be interested in the product/service.
    So why wouldn't they continue and convert ?
  5. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    It all depends on the offer/landing page, what sort of offers are you using? Have you tested the offer converts? Did you ask your AM if it converts well with media traffic?
  6. cucr3

    cucr3 Affiliate affiliate

    I am sure you have clicked a banner or ad and not entered your information. There are many factors that could contribute -time, interest, lack of interest but curiosity , etc.
  7. Pace Lattin

    Pace Lattin Affiliate affiliate

    Yes, this is "normal." Banner advertising is one of the most difficult things to run. Take it from someone who ran a $100M Advertising Network until 2009. The problem is that not all ads are the same, not all networks are the same and without optimization and knowledge about the networks you'll have issues.
  8. kirch

    kirch Affiliate affiliate

    Are you using the banners provided by the advertiser or your own ?
    People tend to ignore the banners which are repeated on every site and looks like 'just another boring ad'
    Have your heard about banner blindness ? Try with your own creative and see if there are more clicks.
  9. stevedee

    stevedee Affiliate affiliate

    thanks for your comments.
  10. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Np - any further update?
  11. Hold1GreatCPA

    Hold1GreatCPA Affiliate affiliate

    Have you got any conversion yet?
  12. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Any further updates?
  13. Banner ads are just like any other campaign. You have to have the right graphics sales copy...etc. You have to use several versions and different verticles..but of course with banners you can only control this by which type of site you have it on. you can get tons of impressions and click through but little conversions because if it isnt placed right you will get all sorts of prospects that may or may not be interested. Just like you wouldnt put ads for royals royce in a penny saver classified paper and advertise free hot dogs..you will get anyone and everyone to come to your place but for all the wrong reasons. crude analogy..all i could come up with.
  14. tommytommy

    tommytommy Affiliate affiliate

    Can you tell me please if i can use this services for CPA offers?