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back linking for results

Discussion in 'General Internet Marketing' started by its_me_shaners, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. its_me_shaners

    its_me_shaners New Member

    Make money from backlinks
    A frequently asked question in forums is how do I get traffic to my site? Some spend many hours every week trying figure out what Google?s algorithms are doing or what they are. Why bother?
    From I?ve been able to figure out, there?s ?on page optimization? or SEO telling the bots what they want to hear. But being that I?m no expert on that I won?t bother talking about it.
    And then there?s ?off page optimization? or back links to you.
    What it comes to is numbers and the quality of back links to you to get your site well listed. It can take hundreds or even thousands of good back links.
    It appears that one way back links seem to rank higher in importance to the SE?s than do reciprocals. But I wouldn?t write off reciprocals. I always like seeing and visiting other links on websites. It is informative and profiting from information is why we?re here.

    SO how do you get one way back links.

    1. Articles
    Submit articles to directories. It is free to do it. And free is good.
    Just make sure the articles you submit are originals and make sure they?re not duplicates. If you don?t want to write go to elance.com and hire a ghost writer, to generate articles for you. Your article should have some keyword density to it.

    2. Press Releases
    Do a press release. Some are free but you can pay for better exposure

    3 - Forums
    Join a forum in your niche. Create a signature file that will have your link and anchor text appear when you post and then post an article, participate in the forum. You?ll become known as a familiar face and people will start coming to your site.

    4. Posting comments in blogs
    Find some blogs that are in your niche or somewhat related to it and post a comment with your link and anchor text. Don?t be an idiot and spam the blogs. It?s rude really it is.

    Those are free or mostly free. But eat up your time.

    5. Buying Incoming links
    Buying incoming links is less work, less time consuming and pays off better over the long haul. When considering buying links things to consider are: the PR of the site, the site should have a PR of 4 or greater, don?t bother with less than that. Does it have authority site links in your industry going to it. Check it out with your google tool bar. Ultimately you would want to have one or more of these ?authority? links coming to you, but if not, having a link coming to you with an authority link going to them is just as well. One thing you may want to consider depending on what industry you?re in is having Charity sites linking to you. Offer a donation in exchange or something along those lines. Charities more often than not have Government sites linking to them. As do some of the newswires ie; CNN and the likes So this is a worthwhile strategy.

    Just a note on the anchor text you use to link with. A good suggestion is play with it a bit. Change it while keeping your keyword or words in place. If your keyword is one word add another word to it, and so on. Google has wised up to this method of linking.
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