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Baby store affiliate program - just launched!



Hi Pille,
I've been looking for a baby product website to promote for almost a year (some of the PartnerCentric people could attest to that LOL), but I had a few questions about yours.

On the site, it appears affiliates earn a 10% commission, but it specifies sending traffic to the main URL - do you provide ways for affiliates to link to individual products and do you, by chance, provide affiliate data feeds?

~ Teli


Also, wanted to mention there are no payment terms on the website. It may be a good idea to spell out when and by what terms an affiliate will be paid with your program as well.

Right now, an affiliate needs to click through the sign up form and read through the agreement...and there is even a descrepancy:

Minimum amount for payment is two hundred and fifty dollars ($50 CDN). Any amount under this will be held in your account until the minimum for pay out is reached. (this is ongoing)

Is the minimum two hundred and fifty ($250) or fifty ($50)? Yet another question springs up as well, are you targeting mainly Canadian affiliates?

~ Teli


Hi Teli,

Sorry about the discrepancies in the payout amounts.
The payout is in fact min. $50 and has been corrected under our terms and conditions. As per your suggestion I've added that info directly on our website as well. Thanks!

I'm not targeting any particular country as far as affiliates go. Since I ship worldwide, I welcome affiliates from different countries.

At the moment there is no data feed available and no way to link to individual products. Just the main page.

Thanks for your interest!