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Automatically import RSS content into WordPress


I have written a very compact and easy to install script for WordPress that will automatically import RSS feed content into your WordPress (2.0 or higher) web site. Just set it up once by customizing a simple config file, and it will keep fresh content on your sites. It only runs the import process once every [specified_interval], so it won't slow your sites or make a million RSS calls.

You can specify for each feed a url, optional keywords, the status of posts, category, author, and max imports per run. Each feed can have unique settings. It's very flexible.

I actually just finished it a few days ago. I've been using it myself, and it is working great, but it is new, so let me know if you have any problems with it. I'll be checking back with this thread for a while. Also, please let me know of any features that you feel it should have.

I've seen things like this for sale, but since I come from the open source community, it's free. I released it under the GPL so you can use it for whatever you want (legal of course). The page is at:

Let me know what you think.

Linda Buquet

Hi namaste,

Welcome to 5 Star and thanks for sharing your free software with us. Normally we don't allow promotion of products, but because it's free and could be of interest to our members I'll let this post stay up.