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As a brand promotes offers on CPA network - how the integration works?

Discussion in 'General Merchant & Advertisers Forum' started by ericmachine, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. ericmachine

    ericmachine Affiliate affiliate

    Hi all,

    I have my own e-Commerce site which is custom developed by my team. We are selling products from semi to famous brands on my e-Commerce site which will be fulfilled by us.

    I am interested to work with CPA networks on revshare model. However when I ask one of the CPA network how to integrate between my e-Commerce to their CPA network, they didn't really tell me so specific how-to and something as below.

    (1) As for integration - s2s tracking will work the best and will be the most accurate one.

    (2) As for pixel we need to fire it when order is placed and then we'll fire it manually when it's delivered - affiliates need to keep track of their CR and EPC, so we need it real time

    How could I do the s2s and pixel tracking as above? In my e-Commerce site or do have to use 3rd party tools/services?

    In the past I have been a CPA affiliate before and I know there's 2 ways to track conversions either pixel or server postback for better accuracy.

    However now I become the e-Commmerce company running sales campaigns on the CPA network, seriously have no idea what should I do as a brand.

    I did evaluate Cake/HasOffers, but usually these software/services are meant to be used by Affiliate/CPA network or deal directly with the affiliates. But for me, I am dealing with the Affiliate/CPA network, so why do I need Cake/HasOffers?

    Can anyone share their experiences on this?

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