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Article Publishing Sites - Is it Worth it to Pay?


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I've been posting articles on and, and just submitted my fist one on after seeing this one recommended by someone on this site. I have seen a boost in my traffic as a result of the articles I submit, and I also get a bunch of backlinks. I have always just submitted my articles for free, and so far have not particitipated in any of the paid programs.

I'm wondering if it's worth it to pay for increased exposure when submitting articles, and if anyone has seen good results with this. My articles seem to get a lot of hits, and I usually see at least 3 or 4 websites pick up each article I submit. (I'm not sure if this is a low number or not, but it makes me happy to see it).

Ideamarketers has a pay for placement system where the highest bidders get their articles on the sites main page for a week. I think it would cost me around $25 per article to do this, which seems pricey to me (unless my article gets picked up by hundreds of sites, which I doubt). iSnare has a distribution service and will send your article to 150 or so article directory sites and publishers for only a couple of dollars for each article. I think I will try iSnare's service, but would love to hear from anyone who has used it. Also, I would appreciate any recommendations for other article distribution sites.


Here is a list you can use....

Heres a few if you don't want to pay anything

ARA Content - Welcome - Because getting responses to your manuscript or article by a publisher matters.
Submit an Article
aabusiness : Article Announce Business - Writer and Publisher Exchange - Free articles for publication
aageneral : Article Announce General Interest Writer & Publisher Exchange. Free articles for publication
aainet : Article Announce Internet Writer & Publisher Exchange. Free articles for publication
ArticlePublish : ARTICLE PUBLISH Group
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articles4you2use4promotion : Laurie's Legends List of Articles
articlesubmission : Article Submission E-Gazette
articles_archives : FREE Reports and articles to use on your webpage ezine or newsletter, and submit yours for our excellent collection of resource
article_announce : An article announcement list providing free content to hundreds of ezines, newsletters, magazines and web sites. Free articles!
article_announce_list : Article Announce List
Yahoo! Groups
EzineZone : EzineZone
Free-Content : Web Editors & Authors Article Exchange
Free-Reprint-Articles : Free Reprint Articles and Free Content
freeezinearticles : FreeEzineArticles
freelance_promotion : For the promotion of work by freelancers of all trades.
FreeWrites : FreeWrites
freezinecontent : Free Zine Content
Free_eContent : Free_eContent
hersmallbusiness : Dealing with the special issues and providing resources for woman owned small businesses.
I_Need_Content : Ezine that sends out only articles that make it to the "Only the Best" articles category
netwrite-publish-announce : Reprint Articles
PromoteYourArticle : PromoteYourArticle
publisher_network : Newsletter Publishers! Swap your article
QC_Reprint_Articles : Quality Checked Reprint Articles
ReprintArticles-Paradise : ReprintArticles-Paradise
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web search news email newsletter at
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Latest Additions - ArticleHub
Articles911 - Over 2,000 Work-Related and Business Free Articles Online - An Online Marketplace for Articles and Web Content
Author Connection
Business Opportunity Classifieds Online: Submit Article coming soon!
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Getting Published on WWIO
ClickZ Internet Marketing Solutions for Marketers
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Holistic Junction - share ideas and locate healing arts schools, holistic products & services Submit Your Articles
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LinkSnoop: Submit Articles and Links
Free articles for ezines and web sites
Making Money Online with Internet Marketing
Marketing communications resources
Writers, Publishers, and Webmasters Connect
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Master Syndicator, Deliver Your Content to Hundreds of Sites Automatically!
search engine directory web netter at
search engine directory web netter at
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Free articles: skyrocket your web site traffic and online profits. | Ready Content | Nutritional Content Of Broccoli | Vitamin Content In Fruit | Water Content Of Fruit The Online Self Improvement and Self Help Encyclopedia
Articles Directory - Thousands of Quality Articles Listed
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the Phantom Writers - Providing Article Marketing Services Since 2001 Delivers 7 Tips & Secrets To Help Build & Grow Your Business
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You're very welcome I'll be back I have more goodies up my sleve.
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If you are going to pay then you should use the money for an article submission service. Most will submit your articles with links to at least 100 different article sites including larger ones like for about the same price as one paid article site.


I'm a bit late on this one but my recommendation would be Pay? No Way!! Article directories survive on the work of authors - would you go to work for someone and pay them for the honour of doing so? Thought not!

I've noticed a disturbing trend for some directories claiming that the sheer numbers of articles mean they have to now charge for submissions which is patently a rip off - they make money in plenty of other ways if they're savvy so don't be conned.

I blogged about this subject a short while back - hope Linda won't object to a link to said article HERE


This might be great, but after giving up your email address, the login to the download area doesn't work.......temporary problems? Maybe, I'll try it again in a bit - thanks for the link :cool:



How I see it is that using isnare to distribute your articles accrossed the web only costs around $1-$2 per article. That is not much considering how much work it would take you to submit to each directory manually.


Just think of having a list of around 150 article directories. I use to submit an article to each one manually which use to take me around 1 - 3 hours. Now I don't have time to do that. Why would I want to wast 1 - 3 hours of my time when I can pay just under $1 per article distributed through isnare. I definately know that my time is worth much more than $1 per hour.

So is isnare worth it. I definately think it is.

James Martell

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Interesting timing for me to discover this post, I am in the middle of writing an article that has a working title of "Just Say No To Article Directories", and I just had a discussion with an associate who was wondering if they "should spend $250 to have 5 articles written and have them submitted to the top 60 article directories".

Here is a few things that I like to keep in mind when it comes to developing inbound links.

1.) Google does an amazing job filtering duplicate content from their SERPS (search engine results pages). They do not need 60 copies of the same article so they will filter out 59 of them. At best, they will give you receive the backlink credit for only one articles.

2.) Google has alarm bells that go off when all of the sudden a website has 300 inbound links.

3.) Google likes to see varied anchor text in the articles. I would assume these articles are being submitted using one of the many "article submission" software products and that all each of the 60 articles will all be identical, including your anchor text, which is a BAD thing.

4.) Google, has more than likely discounted all of these top article directories, and are not providing any backlink credit.

5.) Google is amazingly smart and does a tremendous job at protecting their search results from these types of strategies.

Another thing to take note of as well, -- is that inbound linking these days is NOT at all about quantity, but rather about quality.

Personally, if I had set a budget of $250 for the purpose of developing Backlinks and traffic, I would hire a writer, and have them develop ten 600-800 word quality articles at $25 a piece. I would carefully embed three carefully thought links back to my site in each article, then I would approach other webmasters with search engine trusted websites and offer each one, one article.

By the time I was done, I would have 10 great articles, each with 3 nice text links pointing back to three pages on my site, located on 10 different websites.

I guarantee these 30 backlinks (10 articles each with three inbound links) would far outperform the other 300 backlinks.

It is a little more work of course, but services like the one mentioned about, is one of the reasons so many webmasters are spending money on backlink development, but are not seeing the results in the search results.

If I was to submit to article directories, and I do, I carefully hand pick them (good PageRank, ranks well, has traffic that I can inherit - I.e. Ezine Article Submission - Submit Your Best Quality Original Articles For Massive Exposure, Ezine Publishers Get 25 Free Article Reprints, and then I only submit one unique article to that article directory and no where else. I then make sure that article has at least one inbound link to it from somewhere else on the Net!

As for paying $25 to submit an article to a directory. If it's quality, and they offer me the ability to have three text links in that article, it is probably a great place to submit an article. (for the backlinking alone, not too mention the traffic you might inherit)

The biggest concern I would have with mass submitting articles to article directories, because it's easy, and everybody seems to be doing it, the search engines will neutralize its effectiveness in the same way they did to "linking partnering" when that got out of hand.

James :)

Linda Buquet

Very good points James!

Thanks for your in-depth insights on the subject.
I've never done any article marketing - just blogging
so your expert advice is much appreciated!