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Article Marketing Snowballs Into A Mess


Have you fallen for the article marketing trap? Sending out second rate articles, worrying too much about word count and ignoring all the things that would make your effort more successful?

Article marketing has swept through the internet like an avalanche. Virtually everyone knows about the technique but very few are doing it well. Many people are actually ruining their reputation by ignoring article marketing best practices.

As an article newsgroup moderator and article marketing expert I am in the trenches everyday. Increasingly, I reject more articles than I accept. More and more often I hear complaints from publishers that the articles submitted to them are pure crap. Many of these publishers complain that article submission software is to blame. I have to disagree. Here is what I think
is causing the majority of problems:

* People who want to use the technique without learning how.
* Private label articles flooding the market.
* Plaigarism and copyright violations.
* Lousy articles with no redeeming values.
* Off topic articles driving publishers crazy.
* Articles that are too short or too long.
* Writers who won't divulge their identity and only use their by-line for advertising a website.

Can you connect the dots to find out where the article marketing problems lie? With the article marketer. The article marketer, like myself, loves the technique but is often strapped for time. Instead of writing unique articles or hiring a ghostwriter to write for them they get lazy. Stupidity and carelessness is also a factor but I bet being lazy causes most of the problems.

I believe that laziness is the root of all evil in the article marketing world. Any type of marketing with not work unless effort is expended and techniques are repeated regularly and reliably. Please do me a favor. If you can't make the effort then don't use the technique.

Article marketing done badly is far more damaging then not using the technique at all. It only works when you create quality work and follow submission rules. Don't blame the publishers for your shoddy articles and don't spend hours on forums complaining that the technique doesn't work. It does work. It has worked for me and for many others but it won't work for you if you insist on being lazy and irresponsible.

Make a commitment today to write well, submit only on topic unique articles and to hire help if you need it. Your best efforts will be the catalyst to better results and will support the growth of the article marketing community. Let's use the technique wisely so that it remains a viable part of internet marketing.

? 2006, Davis Virtual Assistance.

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i agree. the amount of material ripped off, poorly re-written, and re-peddled as unique content is causing a lot of problems with article marketing. article submission software obviously helps everyone distribute more articles in less time, but it doesn't write the shoddy articles.

i would suspect, though, that as an article moderator you can figure out the quality of an article in probably the first 50 words. i also suspect that pretty soon, if not already, 95 percent of all articles will be rejected before the 51st word is read.


New Member

Couldn't agree more. You nailed it!

Some people just can't follow instructions, have no pride in whatever they do or are just plain dumb.....even when one tries so hard to guide them.

They ruined Link Exchange, now they are hammering away on Article Marketing....and the "adsense laden" websites some of them are trying to promote are horribly depressing.


Article Spinner Has Proliferated Unoriginal, Robotic Contents

I agree that along with people who simply flips or steals content by rewriting them with article spinning robots has really glutted the internet with unoriginal, and idiotic robot contents with all the keyword stuffing and no artistic or original content. :mad:


Article Marketing

Article Marketing is a lot of work, and I think that it may seem like a good idea to create as many articles as quickly as possible.

The quality of the writing could suffer if too many articles are generated too quickly, and the message may get lost.

I am proof of this, as I tried writing ten articles a day for Associated Content hoping to make some extra holiday money. I got slapped down really quickly when they rejected most of the articles because the content was too common, or the subject was too broad. I also got paid very little for the ones that they did accept.

Now I am looking at over ten hours of work, and little to show for it, except perhaps sleep deprivation :eek:

Creating fresh, original articles is really the best way to use article marketing. Article spinners just don't create good content.

Thanks for the good information,



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Great post, I think you highlight some real key issues.

The problem is as stated above, people are always looking for the quick win and rarely spend time to work on the content, even if it would result in them getting better end reults.

The people who aim for the log term results are often the winners in the article game from what i've seen.

David Hurley

People are seduced by shoddy plr packages that offer thousands of sub-standard and often illiterate "articles" for just a few dollars. They probably don't bother to proof read or edit them, let alone modify them, before attempting to post them to article directories.

However, I have also noticed poor quality editing on the part of some article writers who write to order and who I have hired in the past. I have received articles that have not even been put through a spell checker and are full of grammatical errors.

When looking for a good PLR article service you have to ask yourself:

- Are these articles written by an English-language expert?
- Have these articles been spun or WRITTEN?
- How much thought has gone into the articles?
- How many other people will use the articles?
- Have the articles been spell-checked and proof-read?
- Are they written in an engaging style or in the bland style of mass produced rubbish?

Next time you are tempted by a 250,000 articles for $3.50, ask the seller a few searching questions about where the articles come from, how many times they have been circulated, who wrote them, and how many are on subjects that are relevant to your particular marketing niche...

I could go on, but I think that is enough for now!