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Are you wanting to get into CPA an spreading? The Do's an Don'ts

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by CodeCompiler, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. CodeCompiler

    CodeCompiler Affiliate affiliate

    First off CPA spreading has multiple manners of making money with social networks. For this I will stick with facebook. Why cause Simply put I have been writting the scripts for facebook for 3 1/2 years longer then anyone else I know in the field.
    The three things you must have is :
    1. Good Offer..
    2. Spreading Method..
    3. Traffic to convert..

    So below we will explain the things you want to do.
    Get in with a good CPA market.. one of the top that is out is AdvertMarketing Rob and Scott are amazing.. Also 007 is up there also James is also pretty good. Why they have high EPC and Conversions!!

    Next is a spreading Method.. THIS IS THE PART THAT PISSES us Developers off!! Cause there is only really 3 or 4 of us.. Most I know or have worked with in the past or shared stuff with. James and Indianbill can both write scripts and so forth.. IF YOU BUY SOMETHING FROM US DONT FUCKING SHARE IT! Now here is the thing.. seriously you guys must understand this development is sometimes a DAILY thing. You can buy a script it might change a little or a lot the next day! Also DONT think a developer like myself or James or indianbill or any of them give a shit about the 300 to 500$ you might fucking come up with to buy a script. First off if you don't come to a developer and take care of them they wont take care of you!. Now that being said there is a couple methods you can choose.
    1. Facebook Fanpage spreading method were you can spread with the user with 1 click!~ Mainly Chrome compatibility. (updates for FF and IE underway) 250-500$
    2. The installer system that allows you to have browser execution at all times. This actually allows you to execute javascript in any browser with out it ever being a issue.
    3. XSS Spreading.. this is a auto conversion also known as a Autoshare which I have put out 4 in the last 3 years. This system you will pay 10K - 20k$ for only 2 people have been known to put them out and I am one of them. Don't trust anyone on this cause really NOONE IS GOING TO SHOW THE THE XSS except maybe myself. :) Cause I am stupid but you will put a deposit for a 1 time viewing.

    Now on to traffic. If you have a couple fanpages which you can buy cheap here in some cases at cpafix and at hackforums and blackhatworld an so forth then you can spread fast. Other methods would be blast email marketing inside facebook to your fanpages with a viral system. Thirdly for those buying a XSS system if your not sure who you can trust in dealing with and so forth ASK. My skype is available for everyone. - codecompilerhf I have been around for 4 years here so just ask.

    If you want to get something going I have offered many times. Sadly dont come asking for JV's seriously you get little turd balls guys like JordanUK who back in the day made himself going from jv and sharing out one of the script. Personally 90% of the guys that have made money haven't originally spent more then 2500$ but they also come in at the middle and the end of a blast and patch. So now you question were is the real money.. The releases that come out and are there and available to those that have paid there dues to the devs.
    They are the ones that get the most out of it. So now guys you might be saying wtf why does this all revolve around the developers! CAUSE WITH OUT US YOU WOULDN"T BE MAKING SHIT! So remember send a dev a ty card for fucking christmas and a happy new year and so forth talk to them ask them and work with them. Cause they are not here to wipe your ass either. They are doing everything for you so you can make the most of it!.

    <3 CodeCompiler of the OG Devs!
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