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are passion, determination and knowledge enough?


Hi, I have a hobby which I cherish dearly and have been doing this for quite a long time. Now I want to start affiliate marketing based on this hobby. But after learning a little bit about this business, it seems to me that one needs to be able to communicate clearly what they know in writing to be successful.

I started learning english not very long ago and I'm afraid sometimes I'm not able to express my self very clearly. Is there a way out or should I forget about affiliate marketing and think of something else?

Thank you all for your time.


Well, you certainly expressed yourself beautifully right here!! Your English seems very good -- would never have guessed it wasn't your native language!

With passion, determination and knowledge, I'd say you've got a good foundation for affiliate marketing and would support your desire to give it a try.

Linda Buquet

Hi afort,

Welcome to 5 Star. Thanks for starting off with a great question.

I agree with fitnfree - your command of the language is just fine.
She gave you some good advice. I would go with it!

The thing is too if it' a hobby you are passionate about then blogging about it
or writing articles about it can become a fun hobby too. If you write from the heart, others interested in the hobby will be attracted to your site and you get the added benefit of feeling like you helped people.

Along the way as you build up content (and polish your language skills - which seem just fine to me) you will hopefully start to build some income too.


Afort, I can understand you because English is not my first language, but it can't stop me.

I can tell you that passion determination and knowledge will help you to be successful.

My advice is that you should not think small, don't look for a quick step...If you have a passion then investigate and research to see if there are enough people interested in it, the problems they have and if they could pay for a solution.

Then you start helping these people asking nothing in return, you'll see that they are going to love you and ask you more and more...You create your product/service and sell it.


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First you must believe you can do this! "If you believe you can, your right, if you believe you can not, again, you are right"-Henry Ford!

This is mine, If you think your ship is coming in, be sure to go down to the dock to meet it!

If you need help, ask someone, I will help, and i am sure anyone else would also.

I say GO FOR IT!