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Are Affiliate Marketers afraid to promote and sell software?


Let me explain the question:
We are into selling software and therefore our affiliates should be willing to sell software. I'm wondering if Affiliate Marketers are "afraid" of software products?

I haven't actually found a true resource on this (being afraid or not), or at least an obvious yelling statement, but there is something that tells me Affiliates are reluctant about selling software products.

From my point of view, I might not use Internet to buy shoes, but I surely use it to find software - should be a good things for affiliates.

What do you think? Or what would be stopping affiliates from selling software?

Linda Buquet

Hi Cristian,

Good question and I don't know the answer. However look at how successful RegNow and OneNetwork are through Digital River. Tons of affiliates.
They throw a ton - a TONNNNN!!!! of $ at marketing to get those affiliates though. They throw huge parties at Wynn Las Vegas, they send affiliates toys. They are a lean, mean recruiting machine!

So it could be marketing, could be competition against big companies like them. Could be the type of software or breadth of your offering. I don't know that much about what you do. After a SUPER QUICK peak it looks like you offer good commission.

Also there are LOTS of affiliates that focus more on regular retail products that you'd find in a mall. Some maybe are not techical???

Not sure...