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April News - Lots of New 5 Star Programs

Linda Buquet

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We are happy to announce our <a target="_new" href="">5 Star forum</a> just hit the 3,000 member mark! We also recently upgraded the forum and now have RSS FEEDS and TRACKBACKS. In other forum news we also just launched a new <strong><a target="_new" href="">NICHE Marketing Forum</a></strong> that features tons of great tools for drilling down to find those profitable niche you've been dreaming about!

Plus we have some exciting NEW 5 Star programs offering great payouts. See them all and check out the latest 5 Star merchant news below.

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New 5 Star Affiliate Programs</font></b>​
<strong><a href="">Lamps Plus</a></strong> - Earn 8% commission on home decor products such as table lamps, chandeliers, outdoor lighting, furniture, rugs and more! Benefit from over thirty years of retail experience. They have over 10,000 products in their inventory to promote to your customers. (Managed by PartnerCentric)

<a href=""><strong>Warm Biscuit Bedding Company</strong></a> - <strong>DOUBLE COMMISSIONS (20%)</strong> on all sales until April 30. They specialize in vintage inspired children&rsquo;s bedding, toys, custom furniture and personalized baby gifts. Beautiful, one-of-a-kind products! (On the ShareResults Network)

<a href=""><strong>LHP (Liberty Home Protection)</strong></a> - Home warranty program with payouts up to $130 on the most comprehensive home coverage plans available, flexible payment options, 24/7/365 support and a national service network with over 30,000 service &amp; repair professionals nation-wide. (Brought to you by Revenue Allies)

<a href=""><strong>Pharmatropic</strong></a> - 18% - 23% commissions and $25 activation bonus. Products include an air cleaner, and water filter. Within the next few weeks, they will also be adding a skin cream that helps reduce facial aging, and also a cold laser hair growth product. <a href="">More</a>... (Managed by AMWSO)

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Program News & Updates</font></b>​
<strong><a href="">Gaiam / GT Media News</a></strong> - Tons of Coupons and AFFILIATE VIDEOS with LinkShare Links embedded. Full details at the forum link above.

<a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing Video Ads</strong></a> - An informative guide to using advertising videos with affiliate links embedded. Hot stuff from James and the AMWSO crew.

<a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Affiliate Marketing Video Ads List</strong></a> - Complete list of all the embedded video ads AMWSO offers.

<a href=""><strong>Revenue Allies Updates</strong></a> - They are adding Vonage, offering $100 commission on LHP Home Warranty and testing a live order portal for DISH Network, COMCAST and other products. <a href="">More</a>...

<strong><a href="">Affiliate Programs for Moms</a> - Mothers Day is Coming!</strong> Share Results has gradually become a powerhouse within the &ldquo;Mom Niche.&rdquo; Here is an excellent selection of &ldquo;<a href=""><strong>mommy merchants</strong></a>&rdquo;, perfect for Mom Blogs, baby shopping sites and sites for new parents.

<strong><a href="">Joe Bucks Niche Program News</a> - </strong>Pays out 50% PLUS 50% Commission on All Re-Orders<br />
NEW SITE<strong> - </strong> <a href=""><strong></strong></a> Weight loss resource that features all eight of JoeBucks diet related products. Feel free to download and customize the content.

<a href=""><strong>Acnezine Acne Treatment</strong></a> - Acnezine has been repackaged and now includes a cream solution along with our successful skin anti-oxidant. <strong>Conversions have doubled</strong>. If you have an old branded store...Update it ASAP. The old store will be deactivated at the end of the month.

<strong>Why Join <a href="">NetQuote</a>?</strong> Netquote is the #1 lead aggregator in the insurance industry.&nbsp; We do more application volume than anyone else in this industry, which is why we offer our affiliates the best opportunities for income.&nbsp; Our conversion rates are the highest, our payouts are very competitive, and our affiliate managers are happy to assist you with any questions or concerns.&nbsp; We give you full access to our reporting system, you can see exactly what types of applications are coming in through each of your campaigns, even down to the state level.&nbsp; The decision is easy, signup today and start earning tomorrow.&nbsp; <a href=""><strong></strong></a>

As always, let me know what I can do to help you be successful with any of our 5 Star programs.