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Hi Everyone, been stalking here for a while and I see there are some very helpful people in the community.
Hoping I can add some value and learn some tricks too.
Specific help I'm after right now is about APIs...
Running CPA offers from Maxbounty with traffic from Propel Media and using Bemob tracker.
Would really like to utilise APIs for optimisation but I'm not a coder.
I'm thinking surely there must be some pre-built APIs or a simple to use service but I haven't found anything useful.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • What does 'api' mean to you?
  • What have you used apis for in the past?
  • Are you looking for a CRUD api of a simple GET type api?

An api is usually vendor specific and interacts with their database exclusively.
You could develop your own api that would act in tandem multiple vendors/sources.

So are you just talking about parsing XML or JSON data feeds -- some people call that an api -- technically I suppose it is. I prefer to call it what is is: passively parsing data feeds :p
Hi Graybeard, thanks for the reply.
I had to look up CRUD but that sounds like what I want.
Never used APIs expect for things like calendars etc.
I guess what I'm hoping for is to use the trackers intelligence to feedback to the traffic source and change bids etc according to rules and thresholds I set.
Both have REST APIs and I just thought this would be something that is commonly done?