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Anyone ever heard about Anik Singal or Adrian Morrison?

Discussion in 'General Internet Marketing' started by cucr3, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. cucr3

    cucr3 Affiliate affiliate

    Does anyone know about these guys? My uncle is trying to get into IM and he sent me some emails and videos from them. But my uncle is also the type of person to fall for anyone get rich quick scheme and has no problem forking over money for the programs. Are they legitimate? I couldn't find much on Google about either, besides their sites, FB pages, and the like..
  2. Golden Goose
  3. Sharier

    Sharier Affiliate affiliate

    Anik Singal

    Anik is one of the worlds leading affiliate marketers, but it was not always the case.

    Anik was bought up in India, but moved to the USA as his parents hoped for a good future for him. He began studying to be a doctor at one the USA’s top pre med schools, and was on the way to a bright future in medicine. He was being paid to go the school as he was on a full scholarship, and was being recruited by the countries top Colleges.

    But then one day Anik realized, out of pretty much nowhere, that his heart was not set on being a doctor, it was in fact set on being an entrepreneur. Ever since he could remember he had wanted to be a business man, so he went to his parents and told them of his feelings. They were supportive of his decision, of not a little bit worried, and helped him to switch schools and start studying business.

    Things didn’t really get better from there though, Anik soon realized that business school was no the way to go forward for him. All he was learning was theory, and he honestly just wanted to dive in, but with only $100 dollars to his name at the time, that would be hard for him.

    So Anik did what so many people do, and searched online for how to make money easily. Luckily he was not fooled by so many of the scams you will see if you search for these things, but did find a business forum, where he realized his best hope for making money was e books.

    E books are about writing about something you know how to do, and then selling it and raking in the money. But what did Anik know how to do? Well he knew how to trick professors into giving him grades, you see the thing is he never studied hard for his exams, but still managed to get the best grades.

    So he put all of his knowledge onto the subject into an e book, and was very proud of his work. He put it up on an e book site, launched an ad words campaign spending money he did not have. And what happened, it failed. No one was interested in his book, and he has a hard time giving it away for free even now! But Anik did not give up. He learnt from his mistakes and he carried on.

    He then began to grow small business ideas gradually, some failing, and some succeeding, but all the time he never gave up. After a lot of trial and error he eventually came up with an affiliate program that worked. He started making around $30 a day, but in very little time he soon began making around $10,000 profit every month. Eventually growing it into the company he runs today.

    Anik’s story is inspirational, and he really is proof that no matter where you start out, and no matter how many times you fail, there is always a chance for you to succeed.
  4. warrior

    warrior Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    think this is enough and finest complement about Anik.... Anik was one of the worlds leading affiliate marketers... :)
  5. xeno99

    xeno99 Affiliate affiliate

    Great reply by Mr. Sharier .. By your post we are able to know a lot about Anik ..
    Which inspired me too :)
  6. Hridita mehzabin

    Hridita mehzabin Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks Mr. Sharier.Your posting about Anik helps me also to know about it.