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Any.tv - Get paid for inviting gamers!

Discussion in 'Display Media Buying' started by stiflex, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. stiflex

    stiflex Affiliate affiliate

    Hey there guys, soo recently I've found an awesome site called any.tv, aka dashboard.tm. It is owned by the ex-president of TGN, the famous youtube network.

    Requirements - 0 subscribers, 0 views, completely free, No contracts, simple signup - click here
    Minimum payout - none! What you make you get at the end of each month!

    Now, any.tv is made for youtubers, but they also allow people to post their referral links on various websites/forums or even non youtube videos.

    Now, what is any.tv, and how does it work?
    Any.tv pays you to invite gamers into games, for example - Wartune, Avengers.
    Give the link that is supplied to you at any.tv to a friend or anyone for that matter. And if he signs-up, simply signs up to that game (No purchase required). You receive upto ~2$.

    It is simple as that!

    But Stiflex, how to earn on any.tv, what should I do?

    Well its quite simple! The easyest way is to be a gamer, and a youtuber. Enter the dashboard, find a game you might like. Register, and start playing it. After you've gotten the hang of it. Create a youtube video about it! And at the description, add a referral link. Thats it!

    Youtube way -
    A good example of some of the other partners. -
    That means the youtuber, got 58$ just for referring the viewers, and 22$ from youtube. This is the best method if you're partnered with youtube.
    Do Not Unpartner! Really. You do not need to unpartner from your current Network to join any.TV. Why? Because any.tv don’t partner channels, its like a second partnership. It is 100% legal on youtube to post referral links!

    Another method of earning

    If you want to increase your earnings and you're using youtube, thinks works perfectly for you.
    If not, this also works, but not as much.

    Youtube way -
    1. Register Here
    2. Earn some points, and then click addsite.
    3. Create a "tweet" or retweet, what ever, and add a message with an catchy title, and your youtube videos link.
    4. Use targeted traffic to your video, depending on the offer. For example - if the game only takes signups from US, UK. Target the tweeters only from that specific country! Easy as that!

    non-youtube -
    Start from step 3, and instead of adding your youtube videos link, add your own "play" link. And also use targeted traffic, depending on the offer.

    Hope that helps! Goodluck earning!

    Non ref links - www.any.tv
    Other non ref - www.addmefast.com
    Signup here - Any.tv




    WarriorForums proof -

  2. Voluum
  3. siamsot

    siamsot Affiliate affiliate

    unfortunately my youtube videos don't have many views so this is not going to work for me but I will give it a shot anyway... How long have you been using this site?
  4. ozadin

    ozadin Affiliate affiliate

    I don't think you need any views... "Requirements - 0 subscribers, 0 views, completely free, No contracts, simple signup"

    Anyways, I'm still a bit confused, does that mean this is another partner network, and you're able to earn from them and have certain rights to games? I still need a little bit more clarification before actually signing up and using this, but it definitely sounds good.