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An Exclusive Digital Marketing Event for Manufacturing Companies

Discussion in 'Events and Networking' started by Digitant, Jan 28, 2017.

  1. Digitant

    Digitant Affiliate affiliate

    #TalkDigital: Online or On-The-Line? An exclusive event aimed at Manufacturing Companies on adopting digital and how it can improve your brand recognition. Through this event, we at Digitant aim to give you unique insights on developing a digital marketing strategy to capture the online leads that you are missing today.

    This event is scheduled to be held on 10th February 2017 at Hitex Convention Centre, Novotel & HICC Complex, Hyderabad from 10:00 AM to 01.00 PM.

    As part of this event, attendees will gain insights into:

    • What is digital marketing?
    • How manufacturing companies should use it?
    • How to use various channels of digital marketing?
    • How to evaluate ROI from digital marketing?
    For more details contact us: 9849335741
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  2. Voluum