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“FunnelFlux  Zeydoo

Aloha Everyone

Aloha Everyone

Just joined

I'm a martial artist and writer plus I do a little publishing and programming

Look forward to learning and sharing

Question though If someone asks a question and I answer with an on topic link to a solution

does someone scream spam at me?

Also I'm constantly updating my Submission Sites Clicklable Ebook so if anyone knows of any

other forums they wish to share that would be great

I have three catagories

Martial Arts (naturally lol)

Forums with Author Announcement Support

Discussion Only Forums

So if anyone cares to share great and thank you


Linda Buquet

Hey Rick,

Welcome to 5 Star. We're totally fine with you sharing on-topic links to reputable sources that answer questions our members may have. But in most cases we don't like people linking to their own sites because then it turns into a spam fest and if one does it everyone does it. Then discussions and real answers get lost in all the self promotion.

ya that's where I've gotten myself into trouble before

See I have a HUGE book store with software ebooks articles etc much of it hand picked by me. Whenever I hear the same question enough in a forum I usually end up writing an article or a free ebook about it as an answer.

Naturally if I have the answer at my store I certainly don't want to send someone to Hanks House of Ebooks .com for the answer.

With this in mind forgive me for any indiscretions as a 48 year old family man with a background in sales I am aware of the benefits of building long term relationships and networking other than the fast here's my ad then go on to the next forum thing I see so often that's ruining both the yahoo groups I belong to forums as well

Thank you for your welcome. I recongnise your name and believe I belong to anothe forum you may own.

I just copied my intro to this forum into a text file so I can save my carpal tunneled hand a bit of work so if you belong to or own other forums and see the same intro you'll know why



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Welcome to 5 Star, Rick.

You might make a few mistakes, but we'll work with you to keep you on your toes.

You won't find members screaming spam here because we keep spam under control and spam posts are removed. We don't allow spam to remain. You aren't going to see what you mentioned was ruining groups and forums.

This is a good place for building long term relationships that you want. I am sure you are going to like it here once you have been around for a while.

Do some exploring. Read some of the posts in our various forums and join in the discussions whenever you want.

Thanks for joining.