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Just stumbled into the world of Affiliate Marketing today. I have a small clothing boutique in L.A. and we've just launched an online store. We look forward to developing relationships with affiliates and exploring creative marketing options like online videos and viral marketing.

Looking forward to your resources and inspiration. Marketing is entirely new territory, and I wouldn't be interested if it weren't for the new concepts emerging online.



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Welcome to 5 Star, neonfm.

You will learn a lot about affiliate marketing and developing relations with affiliates as you spend time exploring that forum and some of the many others we have here at 5 Star.

The Newbie Affiliate Forum is one of many that might be helpful to you

Our members are friendly and very helpful, so ask questions whenever you have any.

When you have specific quesitons, you shouldn't ask them here in the Introduce Yourself Forum since this forum is only for introductions and welcome messages. They should be asked in the appropriate forum in order to give them a better chance of being answered as well as being seen by others who might also benefit from the questions and answers.

Linda Buquet

Hi neonfm,

Welcome to 5 Star. Sounds like you are ready to immerse yourself in exploring online marketing opportunities. We have lots of resources here at the forum, plus at my blog I have a section about video marketing you may be interested in.

Thanks for joining us.