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AIVIX - Financial offers with CPA up to $1200

Official AIVIX - Financial offers with CPA up to $1200


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Affiliate Manager
AIVIX - Financial offers with CPA up to $1200

Affiliate marketing myths that stop you from earning

Along with the increasing popularity of affiliate marketing, more weird myths are
surfacing in this field. They discourage webmasters from getting involved in learning
and working in general. They even give the impression that the advertising industry
is dead and that working here is possible only at a loss. Is this really so? Read on
and find out!

You need tremendous investments to enter the market

That is especially true for popular traffic arbitrage courses and consumables, or so
they say.

First of all, with regards to educational content, it really can cost a lot if it's run by
a company backed with reputation and experience. Possibly you will become a
confident junior developer with some good first cases because of these courses.
However, you can also get all the knowledge you need by yourself if you want to.

As for consumables and launching an advertising campaign - yes, here, too, one
can spend a couple of thousand dollars just to get started. However, no one ever
said that you can't spend $100-200 and also get a good experience of driving traffic.

Webmasters make money on scams

There are a lot of offers in advertising, and it is logical that not all of them fulfill their
obligations. On the other hand, it neither implies that webmasters heavily promote
such products.

Quite the contrary, many affiliate networks and marketers are trying to get rid of such
deals. The former increasingly scrutinize advertisers, and only then grant them access
to their platforms. The latter are always free to either refuse or agree to work with
them. There are a lot of dishonest people in the world, and only you decide which
category you belong to.

High competition

We've all heard about the millions of affiliates who take over the advertising market
and keep the rookies out.

To some extent, this is true. There is a lot of advertising, so you should deliver quality
content to your audience to grab your slice of cake. However, the market itself is
enormous and there are definitely more clients than webmasters. Simply testing out
new bundles, looking for your stellar niche and constantly improving your skills to run
traffic will get you what you want.

Summing up

Today we've only listed the most popular myths about working in the ad sector, but
even these seem rather far-fetched. It is better to consult real affiliate marketers for
verified information before believing any nonsense, and you are more than welcome
to do so in our chat: Aivix - chat [ENG]


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
AIVIX - Financial offers with CPA up to $1200

What is a Fingerprint, and why is it important?

When dealing with grey and black offers in affiliate marketing, it is necessary to use
additional anonymiZation measures. All of them aim at working with so-called
fingerprints. In today's article, we'll discuss the meaning and characteristics of the term

What is FingerPrint?

Well, it's a kind of human fingerprint, only virtual. It reflects all the data about a user
on the Internet. Namely: location, PC system components, IP address, language,
and so on. All of this is encompassed in one little term. Let's review the basic

  1. UserAgent - reflects your device configuration, browser version, OS name
    and number. This data helps the AI to present the website to the client in a
    device friendly and readable form.

  2. IP address. At the very least, it makes getting your location and ISP easy.

  3. WebRTC. A plugin that allows the user to view videos and static images
    correctly. You can also access the camera, headphones and other external
    PC devices. It is also easy to identify a PC's IP address using WebRTC.

  4. WebGL and Canvas. Two other plugins that work in conjunction and help
    with the display of graphic content on the website. They can connect to
    your video card if needed and bypass all security systems by obtaining
    FingerPrint through this loophole.

  5. TimeZone, Language, Geolocation, and other standard elements. All
    of them share your identity information with third parties in one way
    or another.
That's why it's well worth using antidetect browsers to avoid problems when running
an advertising campaign. Anti detect browsers mask real data about an affiliate
marketer into spoofed data. It can do more! Read about this in a separate Aivix article.

Summing up

Once again, FingerPrint can tell a lot about you and your device. Sometimes even 1 or
2 parameters will be enough for bots to find your other content uploading profiles on
Facebook, for example, and block them. Be careful, and learn more useful affiliate
marketing tips in our chat: Aivix - chat [ENG]


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
AIVIX - Financial offers with CPA up to $1200

How to segment the target audience the right way

Selecting your target audience is one of the most critical stages when preparing an
advertising campaign. If you pick wrong clients for your offer, you will only blow your
budget, and even if there is no problem with this, you should not forget to segment
your target audience.
Its intelligent distribution is the power tool that gives the clients what they want to
see. What are we talking about? Read on it to find out!

How to segment your target audience?

When it comes to broad coverage, any advertising campaign has people of different
incomes living in separate regions, even if they live in the same GEO.

In other words, the first thing to do is to classify the audience according to the income
levels. It is particularly relevant if there are several offers to be promoted. One category
can offer expensive products, the other cheaper ones - in the end, everyone is satisfied.

Further, you need to divide your target audience according to their interests. These will
be your reference in finding the best approach to each client and getting them
interested in the offer. Regarding products from the finance vertical, some will want to
make money to provide for their family, while others will want to buy real estate, pay
for education, etc.

Now, you need to create your own creatives, and perhaps even different bundles, for
each segment – you can be sure there are no one-size-fits-all options for the entire
target audience. Some get attracted by discounts, the quality of a product, others by
its popularity and feedback from other users. All of these types need their own unique

Summing up

Segmentation of the target audience allows you to tweak your approach to each type
of client. In this way, we increase the effectiveness of our advertising campaign, its
CTR, and the profit margin accordingly. To segment your audience correctly, you
should always ask questions, such as: what the customer is interested in and how it
relates to the offer, what will make the targeted audience use the advertising offer,
whether they have enough money for it, and can we offer alternatives.

And if you want more helpful tips on effective market affiliation, drop by
our chat: Aivix - chat [ENG]


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
AIVIX - Financial offers with CPA up to $1200

Top free website constructors

When it comes to affiliate marketing, a landing page builder is a real salvation for
the webmaster. With its help, we can make a perfect pre-landing for any offer without
much hassle or expenses. Web-builder creators charge a lot of money for their serces,
and, of course, you want to find a way around it.

There's a way out though! Today we compiled a couple of perfect platforms that allow
you to create equally perfect websites for free.


Over 250 free templates, the ability to create a fully customized website, a large
database of creatives, and other features - what more do you need for a good
landing? The setup itself is very simple - one part has the building elements, and the
rest is the future site itself.

Use the mouse to select blocks of interest from the builder, drag and drop them
onto the page and fill them with text or images straight away. In a couple of hours,
you will get a ready-made landing page, and if you use pre-made website templates,
it will barely take an hour.

Please note that the service is conditionally free for the first 7 days of use.


Great for beginners and includes over 800 sections for your landing page with different
functions. It also can create multiple sites simultaneously, A/B testing, and extended
CRM system integration. You can even link analytics to the website with ease.

The only thing is that this option is also conditionally free. For the first 7 days, you will
be able to try all Bloxy features with no restrictions.


One of the most developed web builders on the market. It gives users access to more
than 550 functional blocks for their site, about 250 premade sites, and a built-in online
editor with quite useful features. All this is provided in a free format for 14 days, which
should be more than enough for the affiliate marketer.

Summing up

There is no need to overpay neither programmers nor web-builder developers. The
services explored today can be used free of charge, and in addition, the client won’t be
able to refuse the landing page.

And, if you want to read up on something useful for affiliate marketing, be sure to drop
by our chat: Aivix - chat [ENG]


At a conference in Dubai, I learned about this affiliate network and decided to try it, after nutra it was difficult for me to adapt and I was amazed by the size of the rates, but it turned out to be easy to launch traffic to the crypto, I was surprised by the unique offers that convert and generate income. As for me, this is a top network, without cheating and with respect for its affiliates. If you need help with creatives and a selection of a bunch of work, the support is excellent, the guys will not leave you in trouble. I am completely satisfied with the work with the affiliate network.


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
AIVIX - Financial offers with CPA up to $1200

Which affiliate marketing sources are easiest to start with in the finance vertical

Financial offers are becoming an increasingly popular vertical for market affiliates with
each passing day. Top products, high stakes, increased audience interest, and the very
affluence of the target audience are all very appealing to webmasters.

On the other hand, it's not easy to call financial offers easy to upload onto. At the very
least, you should start by figuring out what source is worth uploading into. That's what
we're talking about in today's article.

Social media

Of course, when it comes to Facebook or Instagram, these are definitely complex
sources. However, there is Twitter, YouTube, Vkontakte and a host of other easy options

With this, you get a huge, multi-million dollar audience among what you can easily
find customers. The advanced targeting settings on each social media network will also
help with this matter. Social media is also the best source in terms of price/quality and
is generally easy to work with due to the ability to quickly scale or optimize the AC.

Targeted advertising

With this kind of advertising it is painless to find users interested in financial offers.
Generally speaking, with a broad reach and advanced artificial intelligence, it is a
pleasure to work with this traffic source. Search engine robots are even able to
compose ads for an affiliate and search for the right audience for them.

Of course, the requirements for banners impose their own limitations, but it is still
one of the most effective sources in terms of finance.


A versatile source of traffic that fits any offer and any audience. It's easy to work
with, and even template clickbait ads can bring the webmaster a good profit.

What's even nicer is that the affiliate market from teasers costs very little money.
Therefore you can start working with them at any budget. Another thing is that you
need to be able to interact with cold affiliate markets. More often than not, it is this
audience that clicks on banners, so the lay-out must be worked out perfectly.

Summing up

The bottom line is that for an effective and uncomplicated launch of the financial
vertical offers, you should work with social media, contextual advertising, or try
teasers and similar push notifications.

You can read more about how to drive drive traffic to these sources in our
chat room: Aivix - chat [ENG]
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Affiliate Manager
AIVIX - Financial offers with CPA up to $1200

What suits financial offers best - teasers or native ads?

Teasers and native networks are two popular traffic sources. Both are quite
well-adapted for financial offers. Their formats have many advantages, but which is
better for the job? Let's get to the bottom of it in today's article.

A general difference in format

Teaser ads aim to cause a "WOW" effect, so they should arouse interest in a potential
customer by using a single small banner that intrigues them into buying the offer.
On the other hand, native advertising leads the target audience more smoothly to the
purchase and doesn't try to overtly allude to it. Sometimes these can be long read
articles that first discuss the product theme in general, then lead the user closer and
closer to the product itself, and offer to learn more via a link at the very end.

Traffic costs

Of course, the minimum budget affects things like the convenience of driving traffic
in a specific niche, savings for testing, and so on.

Regarding native networks, traffic is more expensive because the local TA can be
familiar with the nature of an offer. It may even be interested in it. Teaser networks
have more cold clients. Therefore, the cost of generating leads is significantly
lower, but the probability of purchasing the product is far from the highest.

Requirements for prepping an AC

At the very least, it's worth discussing the moderation in the listed sources. In the
case of native networks, not every website owner will want to advertise gray and
black offers. Also, each network sets its restrictions for the affiliate marketer. For
example, it could ban 18+ content or a pre-landing with political content.

Teasers are a bit easier to operate. Some affiliates do not require anything from
the webmaster, except complying with the law. Although the content here still gets
moderated, it is indifferent, and you can advertise any products.

Advertising functionality

Often native networks have additional tools to work with besides the traffic
distribution. An example of such tools would be importing a product database or
using analytical tools to evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.
Teasers can only boast flexibility and additional sources of traffic in the form of
push tech and pop-unders.

Summing up

By the end of the day, the source you should use is up to you. We have only listed
the pros and cons of both options. And if you want to hear what other affiliate
marketers have to say, you can join us in our chat room: Aivix - chat [ENG]
product database or using analytical tools to evaluate the effectiveness of an
advertising campaign.

Teasers can only boast flexibility and additional sources of traffic in the form of
push tech and pop-unders.

Summing up

The final choice as to which source you should use is entirely up to you. We
have only listed the pros and cons of both options. And if you want to hear what
other affiliate marketers have to say, you can join us in our
chat room: Aivix - chat [ENG]
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Affiliate Manager
AIVIX - Financial offers with CPA up to $1200

Services for improving the quality of creatives

Creatives play a major role in affiliate marketing. A good 50% of a successful advertising
campaign depends on the idea itself, the quality of the visuals, as well as other aspects
of the creatives. So, if you by any chance are not sure of how to improve your creatives
even more, then don't worry. Today we've compiled a comprehensive list of neural
networks that can help you in that regard.


A free platform that improves the quality of static visuals. The concept is very
straightforward. You simply upload a creative, then select the type of image and to
what degree you want the images to be edited. If necessary, you can adjust the
zoom from 1.6 to 2x.

The AI gets the job done by removing noise.

AI Image Enlarger

It is a paid service, although it provides a broad array of functions to the client.
It features:

Scaling creatives without affecting quality.

Elimination of blurs from the image.

Overall improvement of the image quality. This can be achieved by changing
the sharpness, partially cropping a photo, removing the background or reducing

You can spend the first 8 months testing the platform for free. Then you can
purchase either the Premium package for $9 or the Advanced version for $19.

AI Image UpScaler

This software was made exclusively for scaling your creatives, but how good it
is at what it does! You can upscale an image by 2, 4 or 8 times without anyquality
loss. It event can be scaled up to as high as 8K resolution.

In free mode, you can test 3 creatives, and a further $0.20 for each image, or you
can purchase a subscription. That will be about $9 for 100 images, or 99$ for the
unlimited version.

Summing up

Only these three services for improving the quality of creatives will be enough
to get a genuinely remarkable result. In addition, they are able to do the job
without overspending on time and money. Well, if you want to see more info
like this, you are welcome to pay our chat a visit: Aivix - chat [ENG]
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Affiliate Manager
AIVIX - Financial offers with CPA up to $1200

How to extend the lifetime of your Facebook account?

Facebook is one of the most challenging sources of traffic. It offers the webmaster a
multitude of possibilities, but in return, it demands just as much. In our guides, we
often advise on which angle to take when tackling this social media platform. So, let's
discuss ways of extending the lifespan of a purchased profile. Let's go!

What should you be aware of to avoid a ban?

First and foremost, do pay attention to your account's trust. It will be decent as long
as you're not doing anything out of the norm, i.e.:
  1. You can't use large budgets immediately; otherwise, you'll blow away your

  2. It is important to work with one GEO, with one payment data and one language
    at a time.

  3. Allow your profile to lay low for some time. Don't go spending (yes, even small
    amounts) right after you complete the sign-up process.

  4. Make sure you don't drive traffic to gray and black offers straight away. First,
    you need to raise the spending to the right level and use white offers to
    warm up your profile.
You shouldn't be mindless of the quality of the consumables. The cheaper you get
them, the less they will last and the higher the risk of your account getting blocked.

How do I launch with Facebook?

The optimal way to launch via FB is as follows:

  1. Select several offers simultaneously. For example, use one for work and one
    as a white offer to warm your audience up. The latter has to pass all
    moderation criteria.

  2. Create unique landings with quality hosting and an SSL certificate. Don't be
    mistaken into thinking this doesn't affect your account's trust.

  3. Accounts. Under no circumstances should you opt for auto-registration.
    Regarding account renting, you should consider profiles that have been
    inactive for some time, or even active ones, too.

  4. It is essential to complete the business page in full. Working hours, phone
    numbers, employees, and so on. Even if it's all made up, it should be there.

  5. Creatives. It won't hurt you to take another look at the social media's rules,
    just in case, so you don't get busted for a most foolish edit. Remember that
    FB prefers native ads. You risk it when the "Buy now" button pops out of
    the screen and slaps your client across the face.
Summing up

These are basic yet crucial factors that affect an account's lifetime. Always try
to take them into account; otherwise, if you want advice on how to launch a
campaign, feel free to pass by our chat room: Aivix - chat [ENG]