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Affiliate Widgets - HOT Tools for 07

Linda Buquet


If you know of or find any cool affiliate widgets please post below.

If 2006 was all about social networks and user-generated content, then it?s a safe bet that 2007 will be about personalizing life online even further. Many are saying 2007 will be the <a target="_new" href="">year of the Widget</a> and with that comes the death of HTML or at least the the <a target="_new" href=""> end of the page view metric</a>, as we know it. Steve Rubel at the MicroPersuasion blog also writes about <a target="_new" href="">The Imminent Demise of the Page View</a> saying widgets could signal the end of the page view as a metric for measuring a site?s popularity. So widgets and the fragmentation of the social web could even have an effect on traditional web stats and online marketing metrics.

<strong>So what about affiliate marketing widgets in 07? Will merchants and networks catch on? Are any affiliate widgets available now and what does an affiliate widget look like???</strong>

Here's an example of a merchant that already offers widgets to affiliates. has a "<a target="_new" href=";jsessionid=D35138D59FE44FA304558AFD7A2BA52B">Shop Widgets Program</a>." Typepad has "widgets" available that allow you to place a number of ready made affiliate links in the sidebar such as and Cafepress. Here's an example of a cool one from TypePad - <a target="_new" href=""> Widgets for your Blog</a> - "ThisNext widget enables you to share product recommendations with your blog readers. " You can add your Amazon or CJ links and get paid. Actually now that I think about it CJ's Web Services API could be used by merchants to create all kinds of widgets.

Widgetbox offers a few <a target="_new" href="">Affiliates web widgets</a>, plus they offer a service for non-programmers to create their own web widgets. Here's an example of one that's pretty interesting for bloggers and MySpace types or any other type of social netowrking sites. <a target="_new" href="">Favorite Thingz web widget</a> "Add your favorite thingz badge to myspace, blogs, xenga, and any other place you frequent. Tell your friends. When someone clicks on your favorite thingz and buys it - you earn money. Easy as that."

Widgets are everywhere and there are thousands of them. Widgets will be featured in the two of the biggest operating systems due out this year. In spring 2007, Apple will release the newest version of its Mac OS X operating system, which will let users build widgets from scratch and share them with others. Vista, Microsoft Windows?s new operating system, will come with 11 widgets and offers users the ability to build more apps and upload them to Windows Live.

<strong>Later this week I will try to blog about the HOTTEST affiliate widget I've seen. Imagine adding a line of code and profiting from sales from Macys, Walmart, OverStock, Sears and MANY more without ever having to join any of their affiliate programs and pull datafeeds???
<em>Have I made you curious yet???
Stay tuned to the 5 Star Channel!</em></strong>

Merchants get with it and build your affiliates a widget today! :)
More on this soon!

If you know of or find any cool affiliate widgets please post below.