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Linda Buquet

From the 5 Star Blog

I want to start featuring some affiliate tools and resources that have come highly recommended by people that I know and trust. GoldenPineCone can provide you with affiliate marketing web templates created specifically for affiliate sites. The templates are made by Andrea Thompson
who builds pro templates for James Martell and his students and she is also the designer for Dr. Andy Williams SEO Website Builder templates. I have met Andrea at a couple of affiliate events and know affiliates that use her templates and have been thrilled with the results. She builds beautiful CLEAN templates that are created for ease and high rankings especially for affiliate sites.

James Martell says: "Since June 2001, Andrea Thompson has been personally designing my templates ? including my popular ?1st-in? series of sites. Her designs are very clean and she doesn?t over design her templates like so many graphic ?artists?. She is also an affiliate marketer and knows what works. She is adding new template designs weekly?"

Just take a look at the beautiful GoldenPineCone Templates to get a feel for how these easy, affordable affiliate web templates could save you time and maximize your effectiveness.