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Affiliate UNDER Cover - Save your cash

Linda Buquet

Affiliate UNDER Cover. I'm UNDERwhelmed by the content and disgusted with the marketing ploy. If I see another crappy hyped up rip-off eBook I'm going to scream! But this one really takes the cake on lots of levels.

1) "So devious, they're almost blackhat) methods" "I’m going to arm you with the tools you need to cloak yourself in disguise and yank the profits right out from under your competitors – and what I’m about to show you should probably be made illegal."

Ya let's steal from each other and lie and pretend we are someone we are not. That sounds like a great long term revenue strategy. He says Web 2.0 sites are all about building trust and relationships - then suggests a 40 year old single guy should develop a persona of a "soccer MOM", infiltrate social networks to sell products to other soccer Mom's.

2) $6.97 - Low barrier to entry. 3 major problems with this.
a) You really expect to get a bunch of secrets about how to steal from the competition for 7 bucks?
b) After you pay the 7 bucks you get a ONE TIME OFFER for the REAL product which is $67.
c) 100% resales rights. So every scummy marketer and his brother is trying to sell this crap!

3) Actual content. After an admittedly quick scan, I don't see anything black hat or earth shattering and certainly no secrets. Want to know how to set up a WordPress blog? How to set up a Clickbank account? How to set up a Squidoo lens? Its all here complete with screenshots of the site's instructions. Or you could just go to the source and follow the directions there for free.

I could go on and on, but it's a waste of my time. Here is a paragraph that especially irks me.
<blockquote>"Here’s the deal – to date, every-one's been singing Kumbaya around a campfire while they cozy up with one another to share strategies and promise never to move in on the other guy’s niche.

What I’m suggesting almost throws ethics out of the window. You’re going to have to check your conscious at the door and be willing to trample everyone else – and if you don’t have the guts for it – you can be guaranteed you’re about to get pushed aside while everyone else learns these steal-like operations."</blockquote>
If you are a brand new newbie, this is actually a decent tutorial about many of the basics, but all the info is info you can get for free many places. <strong>As for black hat stealth secrets, I sure didn't see any of those. That's why I bought it, to do an expose on the unscrupulous methods, but there weren't any!</strong> I'm not even going to link to it, just seriously don't bother.


New Member
Hi Linda,

I totally agree with your post! Unfortunately, there is no short cut to success, period. Success = Hard work, commitment and efforts! For newbies in this forum, beware, read carefully what Linda has to say :)