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Affiliate Tips - Christmas Toy Sales

Linda Buquet

One of the biggest joys of the Christmas season is watching children open their presents. Since so much of the holiday season is centered around presents for kids, I thought it may be helpful, as well as fun, to get Holiday selling tips for affiliates from one of the top toy retailers.

So I have a special edition of the 5 Star blog filled with Holiday tips from <strong><a href="">eToys</a></strong>. I've been working through Olena Tsybulska at Linkshare's Public Relations firm Pu Blanc & Otus US to get this article from eToys written for you. Enjoy! ;-)

<center><strong>Getting the Most out of the Holiday Season's Tips for Optimizing Affiliate Campaigns</strong></center>
During the holiday season, customers are looking for the top toys, best deals, and shopping made easy. As an affiliate, there are several things you can do to make the most of the holiday season.

<strong>Utilize the top selling products</strong>
Customers spend hours, every holiday season looking for the hottest items. So make it easy! Provide your customers with the hottest gift ideas, by utilizing the merchant’s product feed or images.

Several merchants, including, provide top holiday lists. These lists include the top converting products. So make sure you take advantage of promoting these items on your website. (<strong>eToys Hot Holiday Toy List below</strong>)

• Add top-selling products to your site in the form of product images or text links

• Create an exclusive product page for your top merchants, which feature their top products.

• Add banners or links that direct customers to the merchant’s top product landing page, if applicable.

<strong>eToys Hot Holiday Toy List</strong> (by age):

.:. Fisher-Price Sing-Along Stage (6 Months – 3 Years)
.:. Little Tikes Talking Train with Track (18 Months – 2 Years)
.:. TMX Tickle Me Elmo and Friends: Cookie Monster (18 Months – 4 Years)
.:. Amazing McKayla Doll (2-5 Years)

.:.My Real Digital Camera- Primary Colors (3-9 Years)
.:. Eyeclops (3 and Up)
.:. Hannah Montana Electronic Guitar (3-8 Years)
.:. Fisher-Price Smart Cycle (3-6 Years)

<strong>Grade School</strong>
.:. FurReal Friends Pony: S'Mores (4-8 Years)
.:. Bratz DVD Player (5-12 Years)
.:. Shining Stars: Yellow Lab (6 and Up)
.:. High School Musical 2 Fashion Doll (6-10 Years)

.:.Robo Panda (8 and Up)
.:.Swypeout Battle Racing Starter Pack (8 and Up)
.:.Power Tour Electric Guitar (8 and Up)
.:.Reflex Helicopter – Blue (10 to Adult)

<strong>Entire Family</strong>
.:.Cranium Jam Pack Jam (5 and Up)
.:.Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader DVD Game (9 and Up)

<strong>Add value to your customer experience by posting the best deals</strong>

Customers are always looking for the best deals during the holiday season. Specifically, free shipping offers. If a customer is looking for a merchant with a free shipping offer, it’s important to make the offer as visible as possible!

.:. If a merchant is offering a Free Shipping promotion, take advantage of this opportunity! Be sure to highlight the free shipping offer on your website by adding a banner ad, text links or even dedicating an entire page to Free Shipping offers only.

.:. Great deals! - customers love to hear these words! As an affiliate, it’s important to provide customers with all sales opportunities, especially during the holiday season. Promoting the hottest deals in the form of text links or banner ads, will help convert holiday sales.

<strong> eToys helpful hint: </strong> <a href="">eToys</a> has new weekly promotions every Tuesday and a free standard shipping offer on select items for the holidays. There are promotional banner ads, text links and even a weekly text link newsletter that goes out to all affiliates, which allows affiliates to efficiently post the newest offers on a timely basis.

Linda adds: If you are not partnered with eToys yet,
get more info and join the <strong><a href="">eToys Affiliate Program here</a></strong>.