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Affiliate Summit - Heads Up!

Linda Buquet

This show sells out early and right now there's an early bird discount.

Registration is open and speaker proposals are being accepted for <a target="_new" href="">Affiliate Summit West</a>. Shawn just sent out the Affiliate Summit newsletter so in case you missed it, here's some important info about the next 2 events: Affiliate Summit West- January 2007 in Las Vegas and Summer Summit 2007 on the East Coast.

<blockquote>"The next Affiliate Summit is being held January 21-23, 2007 in Las Vegas, and speaker proposals are now being accepted. Educational sessions at Affiliate Summit will be in the following formats: debates, panel discussions, solo presentations, Q&A to experts, and roundtable discussions.

Affiliate Summit will have multiple tracks targeted to affiliates and merchants, and the conference is looking for presentations that will educate and inform attendees about online marketing issues directly relevant to affiliate marketers."</blockquote>
Shawn and Missy are also making plans for the Affiliate Summit 2007 East conference, which will take place next summer. They are doing a survey to see where YOU want it to be.

The cities to select from are: Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Miami (South Beach), New York City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Toronto and Washington, DC. Cast your vote for <a target="_new" href="">Affiliate Summit East</a>.

Be there or be square! :p I'm actually going to try to come out of isolation and try to make the next one.
I've skipped the last 2.

(Partly because I quit smoking and didn't trust myself at all the Summit parties. Afraid if I drank I might slip and smoke. But I'm finally feeling pretty strong and my cravings are under control for the most part. Although I've gained a bizillion pounds! :eek: )

New Member
Firstly, CONGRATS on the quitting smoking! I hope to join the ranks of quitters myself one day.

Selfishly, I'd like for it to be in Toronto, because hey! I'm in Toronto! ha ha! South Beach sounds like it would be pretty cool too.


I will definitely be there this time. Sounds like it's a lot of fun.

Wow, Linda! Congratulations on quitting smoking....what a milestone. I've never smoked but I have family members that have tried numerous times to kick the habit. Way to go!

Linda Buquet

Thanks for the support ladies. I have had a SERIOUS nicotine addiction for 35 years and have tried HUNDREDS of times and different ways to quit. It's been over 3 months now that I've been smoke-free.

My last option was to move down here to be near grand baby knowing that my daughter would not let hold her much or babysit at all if I smoked. So my grandbaby is both the reason I moved and the only reason I was able to successfully quit this time. Love can work miracles!


Linda Buquet said:
Love can work miracles!
That's so true.

My Dad died at 46 from a massive heart attack - smoking was his only risk factor. I'm so sad that he never got to be a GrandPa (or to see us grow up).

Some smokers can "make old bones" but why take the risk?