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Affiliate Summit 2007 - Latest News, Pics and Blogs

Linda Buquet

Since I could not make this Summit trip, I am vicariously living it through attendee blogs, videos and flickr accounts and I'm tied to my RS feed like a junkie getting her fix. I know many of you who could not make the Summit are too busy to indulge in getting the news the way I do - by RSS IV - so I thought I would share all the best commentary, images and videos about the Vegas Summit I discover each day. I'll scour the net for the news so you don't have to.

Check back throughout the day because as I find more cool Summit pics, gossip and news I will add it to this thread. So here goes for today's Hot Summit News and Views.

I've got to kick things off with Wayne Porter's <a target="_new" href="">Affiliate Summit West 2007 "Gonzo" Photos</a>. To the left is Brian from Shareasale who offered to help raise money for charity by auctioning off parts of his body for ad space. Looks like Connie from Flamingo World scored most of the "above the fold" ad space available. Oops the pic displayed, then dissappeared. <a target="_new" href="">Here's the link</a>, you gotta see it!

But you've got to go see the rest of the pics over at <a target="_new" href="">Google Picasa</a> and read Wayne's creative copy writing captions. I'm rolling on the floor over here. Thanks for the BIG fix Wayne, I owe you!

My carpal's crying from all the link clicking Ive done today, so here are a bunch of Summit links without commentary. I'll probably have something to say about some of the news later today. But for now here's some link love for all of those that are blogging from Vegas.

<a target="_new" href="">Shawn Collins gets Roasted at the Affiliate Dinner</a>
<a target="_new" href="">Affiliate Summit Saturday Night</a>
<a target="_new" href="">The Inaugural Affiliate Summit Gospel Brunch was a hit!</a>
<a target="_new" href="">Affiliate Gonzo: AffiliateCampBeta Goes Mobile</a>
<a target="_new" href="">Fear of Freezing in Las Vegas: Affiliate Summit West 2007 Part1</a>
<a target="_new" href="">Affiliate Summit Day 1 - Live From Ballys Hotel Room</a>
<a target="_new" href="">Affiliate Summit Day One</a>
<a target="_new" href="">Affiliate Summit Day one - part two</a>
<a target="_new" href="">Affiliate Summit Day Two</a>

<strong>That's all for now. I'll add more to this post later today.
Stay tuned to 5 Star for more Summit news as I find it.</strong>

Linda Buquet

Robyn Tippins has a <strong><a target="_new" href="">great video</a></strong> highlighting the singing talents of some familiar affiliate marketers. This video is an overview of the 1st day of Summit, but much of it features the Affiliate Jam Session and Sing-a-Long hosted by Share-A-Sale Sunday Night. Sure looks fun!

I see lots of affiliates that are anxiously awaiting video or some type of coverage of the ShoeMoney/MookJon presentation. The session is titled "Ask The Super Affiliates" and features a panel discussion with Jon F, Owner -, Jeremy Schoemaker AKA ShoeMoney and Andrew Johnson, Author, Web Publishing Blog. Robyn Tippins is the 1st I can find to cover this session. Hop over to <a target="_new" href="">Practical Blogging</a> and see what she has to say.

Vinny gives a pretty detailed account of some of the <a target="_new" href="">Summit

Linda Buquet

Be sure to catch my <strong><a target="_new" href="">long Summit blog from yesterday</a></strong> if you missed it and want to see all the pics and catch the Summit action in chron order.

Check back throughout the day because as I find more cool Summit pics, gossip, videos and news I will add it to this post today. Tomorrow I will start Summit links round #3 and do the same thing. So here goes for today's Hot Summit News and Views.

<a target="_new" href="">Affiliate Summit Fun:</a> Lisa Picarille from Revenue Magazine just posted to her blog her experience lver the past days, including the Affiliate Dinner and Shawn's "roast" the Gospel Brunch, Jam Session, Day 1 conference sessions and the Digital River party at Wynn Las Vegas.

In case you missed my previous blog, scroll down for big news from the Summit about "<a target="_new" href="">Myspace 500 Million Lawsuit Against 20 Ad and Affiliate Networks</a>"

<a target="_new" href="">Shawn</a> and <a target="_new" href="">Sam Harrelson</a> announced the winners of last night's Pinnacle awards which were held at Wynn Las Vegas. Big congrats to all the VERY deserving winners! Here they are:

Affiliate of the Year: Scott Hazard
Affiliate Manager of the Year: Angel Djambazov
Exceptional Merchant:
Affiliate Marketing Advocate Award: Brian Littleton
Best Blogger: Jim Kukral
Wayne Porter Affiliate Marketing Legend: Todd Crawford"

Conversion Rater paraphrases of the questions and answers from the super popular Super Affiliate session. <a target="_new" href="">Super Affiliates Session with Shoemoney, AOJon, and Andrew Johnson</a>

Jason Murphy posts <a target="_new" href="">Shouts Fired at Affiliate Summit</a> and gives a shout out to people he talked to there plus gives an overview of the super popular Super Affiliate session.

<a target="_new" href="">Robyn Tippins</a> has a nice <a target="_new" href="">Flickr feed with some great Summit Pics</a>.

Fraser reports on <a target="_new" href="">Affiliate Summit Day 3</a> which he explains is really only day 2 of the official event.

I'll add more to this post later today, but for now here's some link love for all of those that are blogging from Vegas. Stay tuned to 5 Star for more Summit news as I find it.

Linda Buquet

I've had tech problems all day yesterday and today,
so have not been able to make the rounds to add more Summit info.

I'm also leaving town for a week so may not get a chance to post much although I will be checking in once a day and Larry and all the mods will be here to help you.

I assume since everyone's on their way back lots will be blogging their thoughts and sharing their pics and videos if and WHEN they recover.

If you find any good Summit recaps, pics and or videos, please add them right here in this thread.


Hi Linda

We had an awesome time at the Affiliate Summit! I just wanted to say hi to all those great people I meet.




Linda Buquet said:
Hey Jamie,

Did you and PartnerCentric ever have that DANCE-OFF?

Hi Linda

I am sorry to say that we did not have the dance off with Partner Centric. It was great to meet Linda, she came to our booth on the final day. Thank you for introducing yourself Linda W.

Linda B, you hand the victory trophy Partner Centric.

Also, I have to say hi to Lisa she is a lot of fun.

Linda Buquet

Summit People - Here are your Pictures

Hey Summiteers, Karen White asked me to let you all know that the gorgeous, professionally done individual photos from the Pure Imagination Party are ready to view and pick up. Everyone can go to the gallery to see them. If you had one of these pics taken, they are definitely worth framing and hanging over your desk! Here is one of them - WOW!
<center><a target="_new" href=""><img src="" alt="Wynn Las Vegas Affiliate Party" /></a></center>

For those that could not attend Summit or weren't invited to the party, here is some background info. The Pure Imagination Party was held at the Tryst NightClub during Affliate Summit West 2007. Wynn Las Vegas put up sort of a red carpet entry to the posh party, designed the beautiful backdrop and worked with Snapfish to take individual pictures of each of the guests with professional models.

<a target="_new" href="">Here's one of Shawn and Missy</a>. WOWSER Missy are you sure you recently had a baby? And Shawn how handsome are you???

Karen just got the Affiliate Summit Photos added to a <a target="_new" href="">gallery on the website</a> so you can view the rest of the pics. If you forgot to pick up your photo at the party, want copies, or want to put your pic on your coffee cup, the full photo gallery is also available at Snapfish: <a target="_new" href=""></a>.